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12 Years Later…..

  I  still remember sitting under that neem tree…..while the 12th grade wrote their public exam, me and friend….far from the school building , sitting in a broken bench which you normally find in parks…..finishing our Geography map assignment…. The year 1997, i was in my class 9th . I moved out of that school that year and I promised my friend that  I would keep in touch, just like the promise i made to other friends of mine.

   To be honest i never took the pain to keep in touch with any of my school friends, some of them whom i knew from my kindergarten. Then Orkut happened. I met everyone of them, some of whom i haven’t met for the past 12 years.

    Two months ago ,  my 9th grade had a small reunion. It was really small because we were only 4 of them. I lost touch with them 12 years ago, and through Orkut we got back, decided we would all meet. I personally had a wonderful time meeting my buddies. 

    You might be wondering why I had to  write about this now, well today I met the same friend whom i  promised 12 years ago sitting in that broken bench that I would keep in touch. 


Vinod Chandramouli


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