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Mohan + SPB + Ilayaraja = Awesome !!

Ilayaraja pairs up with SPB to give us yet another I-Get-Goosebumps-When-I-Listen-To-This-Song song. This song will always be close to my heart. My dad sings this song all the time. Feeling Nostalgic……

Thene Thenpandi ~~~~ Udhaya Geetham



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After a very boring meeting, I returned to my workstation to find Two Corporate Passes for the Strings Concert for tomorrow on my desk. Pondering whether I should go for the Concert.


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Six Degrees of Seperation

Chari always comes up with weird topics at the wrong time. Chari, Sumit and myself are walking down the road to have food, when Chari says, “Dude , I read this article which says every stranger is related to another stranger by six different people”. Okie, as I said this was not the right time to bring up a topic like that. Sumit (as suspected) bounced in with the statement (WTF are you talking man! ?), and Chari went on explaining the concept which is commonly known as Six Degrees of separation.

Well, last time he brought up a topic like that, it ended up as a post in my blog. This time, i continue to do the same.

I go to work and dig up more on this Six Degrees of separation.

“Six Degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one “step” away from each person he or she knows and two “steps” away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is no more than six “steps” away from each person on Earth.”

The above definition is taken from Wikipedia.(I know , it looks like a quantitative question from my GMAT exam). Well,to break it down to normal context, You and me will have six common friends between us. How the heck is that possible ? you might wonder, so did Stanley Milgram a social psychologist at Yale University, Harvard University and the City University of New York. So he started a experiment called Small World Experiment.

Basic Procedure of Small World Experiment :

  • Though the experiment went through several variations, Milgram typically chose individuals in the U.S. cities Omaha, Wichita, and Boston, to be the start and end points of a chain of correspondence. These cities were selected because they represented a great distance in the United States, both socially and geographically .
  • Information packets were initially sent to randomly selected individuals in Omaha or Wichita. They included letters,which detailed the study’s purpose, and basic information about a target contact person in Boston. It additionally contained a roster on which they could write their own name, as well as business reply cards that were pre-addressed to Harvard.
  • Upon receiving the invitation to participate, the recipient was asked whether he or she personally knew the contact person described in the letter. If so, the person was to forward the letter directly to that person. For the purposes of this study, knowing someone “personally” is defined as knowing them on a first-name basis.
  • In the more likely case that the person did not personally know the target, then the person was to think of a friend or relative they know personally that is more likely to know the target. They were then directed to sign their name on the roster and forward the packet to that person. A postcard was also mailed to the researchers at Harvard so that they could track the chain’s progression toward the target.
  • When and if the package eventually reached the contact person in Boston, the researchers could examine the roster to count the number of times it had been forwarded from person to person. Additionally, for packages that never reached the destination, the incoming postcards helped identify the break point in the chain.

The result was 64 of the letters eventually did reach the target contact. Among these chains, the average path length fell around 5.5 or six. Hence, the researchers concluded that people in the United States are separated by about six people on average. And, although Milgram himself never used the term six degrees of separation, these findings likely contributed to its widespread acceptance.

That was Milgram’s experiment. Doing more research across on Six Degrees of separation, I came across this website here.

The experiment is simple. A gaming company based out of UK gave these guys a photograph of a guy and his name “Satoshi” and asked the entire billion users of the internet to find this guy. Not excatly based on the law , but still its the same thing.

Go to that site and get the photographs, If you know this guy or know someone who knows this guy, send an email to findsatoshi-at-gmail.com

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Age of Innocence !!

Date : Unknown, Year : Early 90’s, Place : Infront of the Television….

Those days, the only channel we used to get was Doordarshan, compared to what we have now…I remember one of my college friend call it the age of alphabets, because we have channels starting with every alphabet. Channel A….Channel B….MTV….Channel V.

Anyways getting back to Early 80’s or rather getting back to Doordarshan, I still remember the programs which we used to get. My entire science knowledge was from Turning Point and UGC. I learnt my country’s epic from the program Mahabharatha and Ramayana. There was this program called Chitrahar, i still remember, my entire family used to gather for this program. Chitrahar was as shorter ,half an hour version of VH1.(in hindi)

Then came the age of Star Plus.The “Star Plus” which we have these days is entirely taken over by Hindi Soap Operas. Well those days, for some of us who grew in that age, Star Plus for the only source of information which made us realise that there are people outside India. Programs like Crystal Maze, World News(The best part is the news was a week old) and others were like the biggest entertainment we have ever seen.

Well, lets cut the frame right there and look at what we have today. Countless number of channels, hours and hours of soap operas, News channels like NDTV, CNN showing us stuff around the world, interactive television, IpTV, things are certainly not the same. India has grown, just like the generation which did along with it. We dont have to wait for Chitrahar to listen to the latest hindi songs, we dont have to wait one week to get an international news, and people dont care about Doordarshan anymore. There are Channels like FTV, MTV which matter the most for the teenagers.

There is this song called Age Of Innocence. During 80’s till early 90’s India was innocent. Then came the age of information, it changed the entire perspective. We were really innocent, we really were.

Vinod Chandramouli

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Good Morning Mam !! errr….Mom ??

This post is dedicated to all those who had their mom as their teacher(alright Dad as well). I remember we were a bunch of about twenty from different grades, we used to gather at around 9 in the morning everyday during our annual exams. Some of them had their exams in the morning, some of them in the afternoon…

We were called “Staff’s Child”. We were the few privileged, who had the right to enter a Staff Room, we were the few privileged who were known by almost every teacher in our school, we were the few privileged who had our mom as our teacher. Though it sounds cool to have your mom as a teacher, it does get messy sometimes. Here is a list of things you can/cannot do when you have your mom or dad as your teacher.

  • You are not allowed to call your mom , MOM inside the class room
  • You have the right not to get your pen or pencil, because your mom will always have one.
  • You cannot go to your class without doing your homework…(remember !! she is your teacher)
  • Never come out of the annual exam early, especially if it is your last one….your mom will come to know about it …
  • Make sure you tell her the truth about the exam you just wrote, chances are she knows your marks already…

I still remember my 6th grade. I reach my class a little late because I lost my way. When I reach the class I see my mom standing there addressing everyone. I was like “Amma nee yena panera inga”. I thought she would smile and let me in, but this is all she had to say “First warning for not coming to class early and last warning for talking to your english teacher in Tamil”. Right that moment I thought “This is going to fun”. :)
Vinod Chandramouli

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Let’s start all over again…Shall we ??

It’s been long since , I wrote a post on this site. Not that I didnt want to, its just that I have been busy here. I see lots of changes already on this site but I am not going to get technical. So how have I been ? you might ask….Things have been good. I am going to be loyal with wordpress. So I should be blogging more often here. Till then adios


Vinod Chandramouli

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