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A Blurry Image !!

    Childhood – Everybody has those blurry (black & white for some) images of their childhood. Back in those days life was simple.  I am not complaining that life has become complicated but It sure has become complicated compared  to what we had years back. The following is just me thinking really loud about how things were so innocent when I was young.

  • To start with lets take Television. We had just one network – Doordarashan. Remember that time when we had to finish our homework just in time for Ramayana or Vikram aur bedal !  , when the entire family sat in front of the GOD SENT INSTRUMENT to watch Chitrahar or Turning Point ?
  • Man I miss the smell of that adhesive which you find at Post Offices. It has the most crappiest look but I really liked the smell of it. Talking about Post Offices, I remember this time when my family gave a feast to this postman because he brought my dad’s passport through registered post.
  • All India Radio !! We had this old , big , black box which amazed me from the day I could understand what it really did. I used to sit hours together and tune into all the crazy radio networks.
  • Land line. Ah ! the good ol’ Land line. My granddad got his land line 10 years after he applied for it. 10 freaking years !! He was one of  the few people who owned a telephone connection at that time so my house was pretty much a telephone booth at one point of time.
  • Cinema – Cinema Hall’s weren’t that easily accessible during that  period. It should either be someones birthday or a family occasion.

There are million other things why I think life then was pretty simple. Early 90’s !! It was so innocent !!

Vinod Chandramouli


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2 Responses

  1. Priti says:

    Hahahahaha… loads of memories from those days….
    One of them…. I used to think that people actually hop into a radio – hide somewhere inside it and talk…. one of my aunt was an RJ (dont know what that was called in those days). So I used to always get angry on her for coming all the way into my radio set but still not coming and meeting me!
    and TV – Fantastic sundays…. all coz of ramayana and mahabharat…. and others – Vikramaditya, Vikram Betal…
    hell – i am taking too much space here…
    loads of neverending tales of memories…

  2. Priti – See we were innocent. Ignorance is always a bliss. :)

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