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And then I created the profile

 Alright , I am sitting with my headphones on ( the headsets which you normally find in a contact center) with Mr John Doe, singing his song about windows xp, and I see the person next to me creating a profile in some webpage. So i get curious and ask him what is it all about. And that’s the first time I heard about Orkut. This was back in the beginning of 2006. He says its some kinda social network website ( I still didnt understand what he said) , and he got this invitation from one of his friend.

 John Doe is still singing about his experience with windows xp and i still had an hour to go before I could get out of my seat. So i decided to check this “Social Network” site out. Created my id and other stuff required and logged in successfully. The first thing i do where it said “Search for Your friends” is try putting a hot chick’s name who used to study with me at school. Viola !! three pages down the line, I find her….Things start to shape up. So i update more things into my profile….John Doe is still bragging about his experience…..and i could actually get hold of 5 my friends that single day……Thats just the beginning…..

 A different city, two years , 147 friends, and 1066 scraps  later(No John doe this time around though), I dedicate this post to Orkut and other social network websites, which these days really help in finding  all those lost chicks and friends from your school, college and work and also help to find new friends…

 Let me take this para in explaining the concept of Orkut. ( Eventhough there are like millions of other social network sites, I still prefer orkut ….).  The following is the extract from Wikipedia’s page about orkut.

    “Orkut is an Internet social network service run by Google and named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten. It claims to be designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. Similar to Friendster and MySpace, Orkut goes a step further by permitting the creation of easy-to-setup simple forums (called “communities”) of users. Since October 2006, Orkut permits users to create accounts without an invitation. In April 2007, Orkut introduced polls in communities.”

 Lets take the following example…Jack and Jill are long lost friends who havent met for a long time. Jack decides to create an orkut profile and Jill already has one….Once Jack creates the profile…he can go and search for Jill’s profile and add Jill as his friend….and they re unite….well thats the main idea of Orkut…Ofcourse you have other options like Jack finding Jane as his new friend and start talking to her but lets not get in there…
 Currently there are about 62,638,127 users in orkut, and its the eighth most visited site throughout the world ( I wonder what’s the first one would be !!). So your chances of getting your college or school buddy is really good…

 Now that 62,638,127 users have access to your profile, you mite wonder how the heck is this thing secure. Well, yes the profile is secure no doubt about it, but the information in that….i dont think so. Last year I had a interview with Google for their SQE Process(Dont ask me why I didnt get thru !! ) .  Anyways in the interview panel, the Manager for Orkut operations in Hyderabad asked me this question….

     ” What do you think is wrong in Orkut, If you find any ? “  . Thats a very interesting  but tricky question coming from the Manager of Orkut…..Well, honestly from my opinion Orkut is a wonderful network, which really helped me in finding my old buddies and ofcourse, i did find some new ones……But it has its own disadvantages….

   For example, If lets say you are visiting Jack’s profile. Jack has added, where he works, what movies he has watched and the most important stuff his communities….If Jack has joined the Chelsea Football team community….that means he likes them….so you can narrow down a person’s interest and you can actually judge a person from the communities he has joined…. So thats like the biggest disadvantage of Orkut….

   The second thing are the scraps….Well, Scraps are messages to a person…sent by friends or others who wanna send a message…its like writing Graffiti on the wall….its for you…but everyone can see it….So anyone would know who my friends are from the scraps i have…

   One top of all this…there is a contradictory question which comes into everyone’s mind….Yes there are sooo many disadvantages….yes your privacy is lost….yes ppl can judge you from the communities you have joined….my question is why do it…?? why do you have to write your history in your profile… ?? why do you have to join communites and let others know your interest ?? why do you have to keep you scrap’s ?? … I guess that’s the question which decides whether Orkut is good or bad….

   Well folks for me though….Orkut has served its purpose…i found my long lost buddies and i am still finding them….!! 

Vinod chandramouli


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One Night in a restroom..!!

First things first, this is not about me doing Mokey Business with someone in a restroom. This is a true story which happened some days back at my place.

It was a usual Sunday evening and My room mate (Lets call him Mr X) has his usual quota of Budweiser and is in his own drunken world. At around 9:45 I decide to go to the rest room, so that I could do the thing which all normal human beings do when something called nature calls them.

Before I start with what happens next, let me give you guys some back ground information about my room mate. His name as you all know is Mr X. and he is the sort of person your mom always warned about. annoying, irritating, mannerless and other adjectives which are synonym to the word “GROSS”.

So getting back to the rest room, while I am doing my business, Mr X knocks the door….

Mr X : knock knock

Me : Yes, what do you want ?

Mr X : Dude open the door I need to wash my hands, I promise I wont look at you (remember I am doing my business and he wants to wash his hands ).

Me : Dude come on man, leave me alone….

Mr X : starts banging the door !!

Me : (I dont open my mouth )

Time 10:00, Mr X locks my rest room door from outside. I try opening the door and obviously it won’t open.  So I start banging the door and i dont hear anything from the other side. more banging on the door and nothing happens.

Time 10:20 , I knew Mr X was around, and I knew he is fully aware of the fact that I am inside the rest room. More banging on the door and he starts laughing. My ego enters the scene and I didn’t wanna give up. So I thought I would be silent for sometime, and probably he would finally give up and open the door (Some idea !!).

Time 10:40 , No noise from the other side. Now I get really pissed (Look at the irony!!) and I get the greatest idea that any man (who is stuck in a restroom) ever got. I fill up my bucket with water and start to dump into this small hole in our door , obviously thinking that this would piss Mr X and he would open the door.

Time 11:15 , 5 buckets down and still no response. He smiles and laughs and I can hear him lie down in his bed. Two more attempts with my bucket idea and I realise its not gonna work out. So I start banging the door again.

Time 11:30 , Now I get really pissed, started swearing at him and banging the door at the same time and praying to god that Mr X should’nt have gone to sleep

 Time 12:05, I get really tired, resort to my toilet seat and start thinking about what i m gonna do if I am stuck here for the whole night

Time 1:00 , I start hallucinating, I hear things, things like the door opening, someone knocking the door .

Time 2:00, I thought I would bang the door one more time, and if nothing happens, decided to sleep in my rest room. So I bang the door one more time. And this time I could hear someone getting up and walking towards the door. I thought I am still hallucinating, and realised i wasn’t . Its Mr X, he is awake and he then realises what he did….(thank god he realised it).

He opens the door and all he says is “Oh ! You still inside. I am sorry i slept off” (fuck face).

After 6 buckets of water , sour arm after all that banging on the door, and 5 hours later, I was free. It was one hell of a experience.

 Hopefully I wouldnt go through any such experience, but hey when you have Mr X around, all you can do is expect more :| . That’s it from me now ,


Vinod Chandramouli

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