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640 !!

Date : 27th of September 2007

Time : 11:45 am.

Place : Hyderabad.

         I reach the exam center way too early. I did’nt want to be late for an exam for which I spent US$250. The moment I reach the Pearson’s Office,the old lady at the reception asks me whether I am there for the GMAT exam. Well, the office is like getting into CIA building. You have to think twice before you sneeze because you need your passport to do that.

         The lady tells me that there is a computer available and I can start my exam if I want(My appointment was at 1:15 pm). I am like what the heck, lets get this done. I leave all my stuff behind, I am literally stripped naked, my finger prints and photograph taken, and it feels like getting into the modern Alcartraz.

         I start with my essays ( Will discuss about the topic’s in the future posts). And then I take a break. Then the night mare hits me. Quant !! . Surprising I found quant easy, better than what I imagined. I had lots of Data Sufficiency questions and I could atleast understand the questions. I finish my quant way before my schedule time and move on to Verbal.

         I fould Verbal  really boring, because I had lots of Sentence Correction. You see I don’t have any hatred with Sentence Correction, but when you have sentence’s talking about Biology and Economic, i feel like sleeping. Anyway other than the nature of the passage, the Verbal wasn’t all that bad. I scored 87% in verbal(which for a person like me is a good score) .

        I am all set to click next button to get my score. I hit the next button and my heart skipped a beat when I saw my score.  640 !! . Normally 640 is not a bad score, and for the colleges I have applied, I am sure its very difficult for me to get thru. (But Venu on the other hand is being very optimistic).

        Well for all the Nightmares I had with Maths, I think I did a good job. I am not really sure about admissions but I guess I am satisfied with my score. I might waste another 10 grand and appear for GMAT or I might not, but I had a wonderful experience with it this year.

Vinod Chandramouli.


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It’s here !!! Aaaahhhh !! :O

Alright, 3 months of preparation, 20,000 Rs/- expenditure… I have 3 more hours before my GMAT starts. Butterflies, each the size of a dinosaur flying in my stomach. :| . The only nightmare as I said is Maths. Over the past 3 months I realised that I am terrible at it. I am gonna leave in another half an hour to my exam center. More updates, today evening .

Vinod Chandarmouli

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