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MBA degree from pedamagudi !!

You must be wondering, where the heck is this Pedamagudi ? and why am I writing about an MBA Degree from that Place. Well, for starters Pedamagudi is the name a temple in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. I stay right behind that temple and no I am not talking about getting an MBA from the temple.

See we had a wine shop not very far from where I stay. Before you visit Room Number 40, its always advisable to visit that wine shop. About two months back, that wine shop pulled down its shutter permanently. More than the owner, guests of Room Number 40 cribbed and cried about it.

Earlier this month, right next to my lane some wise guy opened up a wine shop. So its like this. You either take the straight road from the main road to the temple, or take the first right and end up at the wine shop. Reminds me of a Poem written by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken…

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Anyway, lets not deviate from the degree we are about to get. So I was talking about the new Wine Shop.

  • Day 1 : I cross the newly opened shop and all I see is a bunch of drunkards standing around.
  • Day 2 : Cross the one day old shop and I see a crowd of men standing near the wine shop.
  • Day 3 : An old lady is selling peanuts in front of the wine shop. Her entire shop contains just a bag !
  • Day 4 : Now we have a peanuts shop, a Cigarette Shop and A wine Shop.
  • Day 5 (Probably tomorrow) : We will have a Peanut Shop, a Cigarette Shop, the Wine Shop and A place where you get say Aloo Bondas !!

So you must be like “Ok wise guy! what’s this got to do with an MBA Degree ?”. Isn’t this called Management ? Isn’t this called New Business Capture Activity? I wonder where the old lady got her MBA degree ? May be from ISB…Oh ! Wait perhaps IIM A…!!


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Modernization of a Tamil Rhyme

When I went home about two months back, Couple of my cousins dropped. Now these cousins of mine are not more than 10 years old. I had kickass time with them. We went for picnics and we went to the good old Coimbatore zoo. We had an amazing time.

During that visit, the youngest cousin of mine who is about 6 years old came up with this amazing rhyme. Well I have no idea what it means, all I know is that its really good because she does this beautiful dance along with it.

vengu vengu vengu
vengu udhina sangu
noughu noughu noughu
noughil enaku pangu
vali vali vali
vali gholusu veli
pali pali pali
pali selvo thuli
pattu pattu pattu
pattu vayeela ladu
dhutu dhutu dhutu
dhutu thanda ladu

Again, only for people who understand Tamil. If you can understand, can you try translating it for me ? (I know I should be ashamed of myself but still ).  

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Life is like a remote Control

Remember the post some days back ? (the end of an era!!). So I moved into this new place (Room No 38 !!) and we had our very own house warming ceremony over the weekend.

Chari dropped by to say goodbye to his old place. Sumit was around and Pajji is a defaulter no matter where we go. After a tiring round of shopping at metro we decided we would pick up a game of Scrabble and have a boys afternoon playing it , something similar to monopoly we did some months back.

So we get all nasty with scrabble and while we were into the game, Chari drops my television remote. After a round of good words from me, I check whether that god damn thing is still alive. It was alive alright, but it just got itself a brain surgery. Here is what happened to it.

  • Your normal remote would turn off when you press the power button right ? Mine will turn off when you press NUMBER 5
  • To go to the next channel I must press NUMBER 9 and to go to the previous channel I must press NUMBER 8.
  • To increase the Volume I must press a button called VSM and to decrease the Volume I must press NUMBER 4.
  • My power button has taken Channel Number 3’s place.
  • Button Number 2 will Mute my TV.

So one drop and my entire TV viewing experience has changed. I know its time for me to get a new remote, but I am going to survive with this for sometime. I think I need a change(with a TV remote !! I think I have lost it ).

Imagine you get up one fine day morning and things in your life has completely changed. What you were doing is not what you are doing….what you are not supposed to do is what you do !! how would you handle it ? Would you accept the change and experiment with it or would you crib and cry about it ? I think Life is like a Remote Control.


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