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Vinod’s Class on Why Girls Drink More Than Guys ?!!

  Let’s face it class. Our community is an alcohol community. Drinking is considered cool irrespective of all those Do-not-drink-you-are-devil adverts. So the argument is not about whether you drink or not. The argument is who drinks more , a guy or a girl ? If you go by the records, you would immediately come to a conclusion that guys drink more than girls. The numbers are just like Satyam’s balance sheet. Manipulated. Dig deep into those figures and you will find the truth.

 The answer is two simple words. Ladies Night. So every well established pub/disc has this concept where they celebrate one day in a week as Ladies Night. This is the night where ladies are encouraged drink a lot by giving them free alcohol. Whatever they drink, as in any alcohol they drink is on the house. Now that we know what a ladies night is, lets get back to the argument. Yes, girls drink more than guys.

Lets take Hyderabad  for example. Say there are about 25 pubs(I wouldnt know, I am just guessing) and out of these pubs 10 of them have this ladies night concept. Monday through Friday one pub celebrates the “Free Drinks for Girls” festival. That’s the day when you see maximum number of girl groups hanging out together and talking about all the stuff in this world and at what cost ? None whatsofreakingever. !! So on an average, A girl can drink from Monday through Friday alcohol for free. What about guys ? They have to pay for their own drinks. 

So my question is this, why do girls get free alcohol and guys don’t ? Is it the fear that if there is something called Guys Night, the pub would go bankrupt ? or there would be a protest from the society ? 

Thanks to WordPress’s poll function, I have created a poll. I would like everyone who reads this post to cast your vote. Would discuss about the poll in my next post. Till then ….

Vinod Chandramouli


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  1. shivya says:

    It is definitely the fear (or should I say the certainty) that if there is something called Guys Night, the pub would go bankrupt. Which goes on to disprove your initial point that girls drink more than guys!

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