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The end of an era !!

Scene 1 : ROOM NO 40 – Dwarakamai, behind pedamagudi, Hyderabad

Enter (The goddamn list is big!!)

Actual Occupants of Room No 40 !!

1) Vinod
3) Chari
4) Pajji (You have to give it to this guy !!)

Permanent Guests….of Room No 40 !! (No particular order)

1) Ashwin
2) Sumit
3) Bubby (a.k.a) Beedu (a.ka) Naresh
4) Kaizer
5) Stephen
6) Gaurav
7) Vaibhav
8  Srinath
9) Sujith
10) Sid
11) Sam
12) Sharath
13) Anindhiyo
14) Chetan
15) Yaseen
16) Nilesh
17) Laxman
18  My main man Sanjeev !!(You Beauty !!)

It all started when I moved to Hyderabad. Me and Jitu decided we would become roommates. We never knew Room No 40 would become such a kickass place. Once Jitu moved out, Chari moved in. Still we kept the tradition of that room. Its sad that we would be moving out of that place. Its sad that there will be no more loud music from that place.

This post is dedicate to that place and all those wonderful, crazy, scary, pshycotic, funny, OMG moments. Here are some of stuff we have all seen together at room no 40 :

1) Sumit’s encounter with the broken bed.
2) Stephen’s announcement of his baby !!
3) Sumit’s marriage
4) Ashwin’s marriage
5) Ashwin’s crazy dance of the famous CCD Song.
6) Pajji’s One Night Stand (No !! Not the one you are thinkin pervert !!)
7) Chari’s famous Green Shirt
One night in the restroom – By Vinod
9) Three Nights in the hospital – By Jitu, Chari, Sumit and Vinod
10) Gaurav VS Jitu
11) Tekan clashes between Sumit/Chari/Paaji
12) The Case of the Missing DVD’s !!
13) Pizza guy getting molested (Okie, you are way to pervert !!) by Jitu
14) Two new years night OH YEAH parties !!
15) The T20 World Cup semi finals and Finals
16) Jitu’s farewell party !!
17) Monopoly with real money !!

Updates :
18) Naagin Dance by Bubby and Jitu (I know the video is somewhere on Youtube..you guys have the link??)
19) I am a disco dancer performed by the inhouse dancers Jitu and Bubby .
20) One dreadful day at Charminar. We owe that night to Bubby !!
21) The day when Steve lost his dance virginity.

…. and the list can go on and on and on. Its sad that the party is over !! Its the end of an era….


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Thanks Mom for not naming me Talula Does the Hula !

I  would like to dedicate this post to my folks. How thoughtful of them to name me Vinod. Well,you might be wondering, why in the world is this guy thanking his parents after all these years !?. I have a reason for it. Say you were born to certain parents from New Zealand who got the most brilliant idea to name their daughter “Talula Does The Hula” (I am serious !!). Check this link here. Some crazy ass couple has named their daughter “Talula Does the Hula” , i mean WTF !! . Imagine you are like taking that girl back home (as a friend) and you are like “Mom, meet my friend Talula Does the Hula”. Jesus , that’s a sight to see.

So the family judge in New Zealand says “The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child’s parents have shown in choosing this name, It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily.” This gets better. He also revealed a list of names which are registered under the Birth , Death and Marriage Department.

1) Fish and Chips
2) Yeah Detroit
3) Keenan Got Lucy
4) Sex Fruit
5) Number 16 Bus Shelter
6) Violence…..

We are talking about a person’s name here. I sure don’t want to be called ‘Number 16 Bus Shelter’ or ‘Yeah Detroit’ . So Thanks Mom for giving me this wonderful name

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The dream that wasn’t !!

Coffee at Nagarjuna Circle Cafe Coffee day……Food at 36…..Mei Foon at Far East…..Movie at PVR/Prasads…..Drinks at FP……Pasta at Indijoes…..Food from Taj Mahal….House Party at WWF India……Trip to the Zoo…..Ride to Srisailam…..Party at F Bar…..Walk from F Bar…..Mexican Food…..Auto ride to NMDC and back home……Exorcist…..Vodka with Cranberry Juice…..Trip to Chennai…..Party at Havana…..Jaane tu ya Jaane na……Page 3…..Trip to Mahabs….Calamari…..the beach…..PooPoo….Sleeping while over the phone….Waking up for Chai early in the morning….

I just dont give a fuck anymore….

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Black vs Colour

Sandhya sent me this poem sometime back (Alright, Happy Sandy ??). It seriously deserves a post . Supposedly this one got nominated as the best poem for the year 2007. Written by some African Kiddo. A very simple poem with an amazing message.

When I born, I black.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in the sun, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still black.
And you WHITE fellow,
When you born, you PINK.
When you grow up, you WHITE.
When you go in the sun, you RED.
When you cold, you Blue.
When you scared, you YELLOW.
When you sick, you GREEN.
And when you die, you GRAY.
And you calling me COLOURED.

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Can you give us an example for outsourcing ?

Just another day at work. You know the normal stuff. Browsing through the internet, having pathetic lunch and talking about crap stuff in a meeting. I found this amazing photo on the internet. Having extensively(2 years) worked with the world’s leading outsourcing company I can truly relate to this photograph.

I dont know the history behind this photograph. I dont even know whether its modified or a real one. All I know is its the perfect example for outsourcing.

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Look Ma! I am on Page 3 !!

Alright, Imagine this. You get up on a lazy Friday morning, you take the newspaper, You have an amazing cup of coffee and you start scanning the paper. Something grabs your attention. You look amazed, surprised, excited and embarrased at the same time. Why do you look like that ? Because you just got featured on Page 3 (Alright Shyla , Page 5, Happy !!).

Remember the Chennai trip ? Remember the party at Havana while I was there ? So this dude walks towards us with a camera and he introduces himself as some photographer from Times Of India .He would like to take a photograph of us. WHY WOULD WE SAY NO TO IT ? So we decide we will pose for the camera. We are all set and the entire place is looking at us. This photographer adjusts his camera for about 5 embarrassing mins and finally he clicks it when we are completely not ready.

That was a Saturday. After 6 days, I am at work trying to grab my lunch when I get a call from Shyla. “Vinod !! We are finally there.We got featured on Page 3” . I dropped my plate and ran to my workstation. Logged into Times of India epaper website and clicked on Chennai Times. There we were, bang in the middle of the page .

ALL SMILES : Vinod , Shyla and Vetrz .

I am happy, Shyla is happy, but Mr Vetrz is not. Because his name is not Vetrz its Vetri. “That FA!@#$ photographer spelt my name wrong” That was Vetri’s reaction. But he is not complaining. It is totally different experience when you see your photograph on some news paper not for getting an award or for winning some medal or the worst for murder. Its fun when you get featured on Page 3.

I have attached the pdf file here. Check for the photograph which says “Vinod, Shyla and Vetrz” . The one with the white shirt is me. The one with the blue is Vetrz…err.. Vetri…

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The 61 Hour Weekend !!

Friday 7:45 PM – I take an auto to Madhapur. It is raining in Hyderabad and the god damn auto driver asks 50 bucks from J.Hills to Madhapur WTF !! Bargain Vinod Bargain !! 30 Bucks Oh yeah !!

8:20 PM – Reach the pick up point and the guy at the travels says that the bus should be here any min…

9:20 PM – The bus finally arrives !! (Whatever happened any minute!!)

10:20 PM – Reach Naampally . This is where I realised I am supposed to get down and get into the actual bus which will take me to my destination point !!

10:45 PM – After two cups of chai and one bottle of AQUA BLUE , my bus finally arrives and while I am getting comfortable with my seats, I get molested by this fat fuck sitting next to me.

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