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Vinod’s Class on Why Girls Drink More Than Guys ?!!

  Let’s face it class. Our community is an alcohol community. Drinking is considered cool irrespective of all those Do-not-drink-you-are-devil adverts. So the argument is not about whether you drink or not. The argument is who drinks more , a guy or a girl ? If you go by the records, you would immediately come to a conclusion that guys drink more than girls. The numbers are just like Satyam’s balance sheet. Manipulated. Dig deep into those figures and you will find the truth.

 The answer is two simple words. Ladies Night. So every well established pub/disc has this concept where they celebrate one day in a week as Ladies Night. This is the night where ladies are encouraged drink a lot by giving them free alcohol. Whatever they drink, as in any alcohol they drink is on the house. Now that we know what a ladies night is, lets get back to the argument. Yes, girls drink more than guys.

Lets take Hyderabad  for example. Say there are about 25 pubs(I wouldnt know, I am just guessing) and out of these pubs 10 of them have this ladies night concept. Monday through Friday one pub celebrates the “Free Drinks for Girls” festival. That’s the day when you see maximum number of girl groups hanging out together and talking about all the stuff in this world and at what cost ? None whatsofreakingever. !! So on an average, A girl can drink from Monday through Friday alcohol for free. What about guys ? They have to pay for their own drinks. 

So my question is this, why do girls get free alcohol and guys don’t ? Is it the fear that if there is something called Guys Night, the pub would go bankrupt ? or there would be a protest from the society ? 

Thanks to WordPress’s poll function, I have created a poll. I would like everyone who reads this post to cast your vote. Would discuss about the poll in my next post. Till then ….

Vinod Chandramouli


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Vinod’s Class on …. Opening Post !!

This is the start of a year long rant on various stuff from my perspective. Mind you, there would be serious discussions on everything under the sun…wait….everything including the sun and how we can avoid getting into such situations. If you want to gain extensive knowledge on stuff which “really matters” I would suggest you start subscribing for my blog right now because this is like a lifetime opportunity.

I am surprised you haven’t cursed yourself for spending so much time on my blog and still reading this post. Well see, that’s like your first lesson. Patience is Virtue.  I don’t expect fee for what I teach or appreciation letters (drop in a comment to get my email address in case you need it). Seriously ! you are still reading it. Wow !! Alright Alright, let me start with today’s class.

What Do I do when there is a Petrol/Oil Strike happening in my city ?

That’s a good question. Like today, I saw this long queue of cars near my place, traffic jams everywhere, auto drivers charging more than their normal rate and things like that.  Lets face it class, we are dependent on Petrol. Unless you are like the follower of Gandhi and still walking to work and stuff you are seriously in trouble if this strike continues for another day or two.  So how would one get to work ? or to a party ? or for a movie ? or just for a party or a movie and really not bothered about reaching work ?

Suggestion #1

Walk. I remember writing  a similar post sometime back when the auto drivers went on strike. But that was for a limited audience of people who take the auto everywhere like I do. But this time, god punished the others as well(take that you car owning people !). Now the audience is broader. Anyway getting back to walking, yes walk to wherever you want to go because it’s healthy.

Let’s say you are going to a party, try going to some place near by so that you don’t have to walk more. There is an advantage of walking to a party, you have little chance of getting caught for drinking and driving. You could like carry your drink on your way back home.

Suggestion #2

Go in groups. I have a new name for this Walk pool. Start like a walking community with your flatmates. This is fun, you won’t feel the pain of walking long distance because even if you fall after long hours of walking, someone will be there to carry you .

Suggestion #3

Have more of house parties. Yes, the audience would be less but you can like tune in to your favorites and dance alone. Yes, your morale would come down, other than that you will be fine.

Suggestion #4

If you are married, this is god given time to impress your spouse. Stuff like, “See I am spending more time with you”, “Who would wanna watch the match when you are there?” should help you not do those boring house chores.

Suggestion #5

This is a long shot. It involves using your brain and lot of studying , but I think its a really good alternative. If you are a non science student, go back to your basics. Study science like chemistry and biology and come up with an alternative energy method thingy(or whatever that name is). If you are a science student and consider yourself good with chemistry and stuff. SHAME ON YOU !!

Well. That’s it for today. I hope you learnt something from this session. I would strongly suggest you take a print out of it and keep a personal copy of your own, because I am sure the wordpress guys won’t allow me to be on their server with the way things are going. Till my next class….

Vinod Chandramouli

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I am not alone in this world

When I thought I was the only one in this world whose is bad with mathematical figures, along comes Satyam and its team.

Note to Self – You are better, way better.

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Vinod Chandramouli

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Why I Disappeared From Here ?

Its been quite sometime since I hit that New Post on my wordpress dashboard and there are reasons behind it.

  • For starters, I had to go back to Krypton to say Hello to couple of my friends and I simply could not get the wifi signal for my new Reliance Broadband connection out there.
  • On my return, I left my previous company and joined a new organization. I had to establish my brotherhood at the new place and form a gang which takes time.
  • After my first gang meeting, I had to move my place(again!!) from my old house to my new  house. Setting up the place and checking out my neighbors took time.
  • My Mom heard the news of me moving to a new place and she took the next flight and came to see the place. So I had to take her around Hyderabad and stuff.
  • Oh then there was this time when I had so much to do at work…OK ! OK ! I pretended but still I pretended a lot that I didn’t find time to hit that New Post button on my wordpress dashboard screen.
  • By the time I sat down to write a new post, New Year’s came. After lot of planning and serious discussions on where to party, I narrowed it down to three places. A) Goa B) Ibiza and C) Krypton . I finally decided to go to Coimbatore. You know mom’s food, chilling at home.
  • Last but not the least…Oh ! wait, last but the least , I had been a little lazy as well.

So there you go. I know I had been away for sometime now but now that I am back I know that’s not gonna make any difference.

Vinod Chandramouli

P.S : A welcome back note would be highly appreciated.

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