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640 !!

Date : 27th of September 2007

Time : 11:45 am.

Place : Hyderabad.

         I reach the exam center way too early. I did’nt want to be late for an exam for which I spent US$250. The moment I reach the Pearson’s Office,the old lady at the reception asks me whether I am there for the GMAT exam. Well, the office is like getting into CIA building. You have to think twice before you sneeze because you need your passport to do that.

         The lady tells me that there is a computer available and I can start my exam if I want(My appointment was at 1:15 pm). I am like what the heck, lets get this done. I leave all my stuff behind, I am literally stripped naked, my finger prints and photograph taken, and it feels like getting into the modern Alcartraz.

         I start with my essays ( Will discuss about the topic’s in the future posts). And then I take a break. Then the night mare hits me. Quant !! . Surprising I found quant easy, better than what I imagined. I had lots of Data Sufficiency questions and I could atleast understand the questions. I finish my quant way before my schedule time and move on to Verbal.

         I fould Verbal  really boring, because I had lots of Sentence Correction. You see I don’t have any hatred with Sentence Correction, but when you have sentence’s talking about Biology and Economic, i feel like sleeping. Anyway other than the nature of the passage, the Verbal wasn’t all that bad. I scored 87% in verbal(which for a person like me is a good score) .

        I am all set to click next button to get my score. I hit the next button and my heart skipped a beat when I saw my score.  640 !! . Normally 640 is not a bad score, and for the colleges I have applied, I am sure its very difficult for me to get thru. (But Venu on the other hand is being very optimistic).

        Well for all the Nightmares I had with Maths, I think I did a good job. I am not really sure about admissions but I guess I am satisfied with my score. I might waste another 10 grand and appear for GMAT or I might not, but I had a wonderful experience with it this year.

Vinod Chandramouli.


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It’s here !!! Aaaahhhh !! :O

Alright, 3 months of preparation, 20,000 Rs/- expenditure… I have 3 more hours before my GMAT starts. Butterflies, each the size of a dinosaur flying in my stomach. :| . The only nightmare as I said is Maths. Over the past 3 months I realised that I am terrible at it. I am gonna leave in another half an hour to my exam center. More updates, today evening .

Vinod Chandarmouli

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12 Years Later…..

  I  still remember sitting under that neem tree…..while the 12th grade wrote their public exam, me and friend….far from the school building , sitting in a broken bench which you normally find in parks…..finishing our Geography map assignment…. The year 1997, i was in my class 9th . I moved out of that school that year and I promised my friend that  I would keep in touch, just like the promise i made to other friends of mine.

   To be honest i never took the pain to keep in touch with any of my school friends, some of them whom i knew from my kindergarten. Then Orkut happened. I met everyone of them, some of whom i haven’t met for the past 12 years.

    Two months ago ,  my 9th grade had a small reunion. It was really small because we were only 4 of them. I lost touch with them 12 years ago, and through Orkut we got back, decided we would all meet. I personally had a wonderful time meeting my buddies. 

    You might be wondering why I had to  write about this now, well today I met the same friend whom i  promised 12 years ago sitting in that broken bench that I would keep in touch. 


Vinod Chandramouli

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What if your mother is a …….. ??

Here is a small story I developed out of a question which was asked to one of the students (in our case Rajeev) on his IIM A interview round.

     “Wake up Rajeev, It’s your big day”, that’s all he heard.  Last few months has been, terrible, exciting, unbelievable for Rajeev. The moment Rajeev saw his CAT score, he knew he cracked it. He knew he is one step closure to what he calls “The Stairway to Heaven”.  Well, he knew is going to do well in the Group Discussion round because he has always been the talkative sort. The only thing he was worried about was the interview. He can talk alright….but when ppl are looking at him from all possible directions and he is the only one in the room, who is being asked question…..it’s a different story.

 Rajeev has prepared the best he could for the interview. Sat those endless nights looking at pages and pages over the internet on “How to appear for an interview”.  He has attended numerous sessions on the same topic. Well nothing prepared for what he is going to face inside those four walls….

     Anyway getting back to the interview day, He reached the interview hall one hour before. Just like the books and the internet advised him, he double rather triple checked his certificates, he is calm and he is relaxed. The interviewers call his name and Rajeev enters the room filled with Geekos from the coveted institute in India, IIM A. They all look like they are ready to tear him into pieces any time soon…

    The old man left to Rajeev, introduced himself as Mr Pandey. And the first thing which came out Mr Pandey mouth was…. “So Rajeev, What if your mother is a prostitute?”

    Phew!! Yeah…. Lets take one small step backwards……You are sitting in an interview for which you have spent your entire life on preparation. You have cracked the examination….just when you thought you had everything in control, there is this person in front of you asking a question like that….

    If someone asks a question like that to anyone from the city where I come from, he would probably be dead by now, or his entire family would be burnt alive.

     Well folks the question which was asked to the imaginary character Rajeev is infact a true incident to some guy appearing for his interview with IIM.  I don’t know the name, I don’t know when and where it happened. All I know is it happened. The guy got selected alright, that’s because the answer which he gave, was as unexpected as the question which was asked to him.

     Take a minute here and think what you would do in Rajeev’s situation. What would you say? Would you get angry (of course!! I would)?? . Well the real Rajeev gave this Seat Winning answer…

 Question by the Interviewer:            

              What if you mother is a prostitute?

 Answer given by the Clever IIM guy :

              Then my father would be the only customer to my mother. :|  

It’s just very comforting for a person like me to hear such things because I would be appearing for an interview like this anytime soon. I really hope I don’t end up thrashing the interview when he/she end up asking me such a question. That’s all from me now….


Vinod Chandramouli. 

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One Night in a restroom..!!

First things first, this is not about me doing Mokey Business with someone in a restroom. This is a true story which happened some days back at my place.

It was a usual Sunday evening and My room mate (Lets call him Mr X) has his usual quota of Budweiser and is in his own drunken world. At around 9:45 I decide to go to the rest room, so that I could do the thing which all normal human beings do when something called nature calls them.

Before I start with what happens next, let me give you guys some back ground information about my room mate. His name as you all know is Mr X. and he is the sort of person your mom always warned about. annoying, irritating, mannerless and other adjectives which are synonym to the word “GROSS”.

So getting back to the rest room, while I am doing my business, Mr X knocks the door….

Mr X : knock knock

Me : Yes, what do you want ?

Mr X : Dude open the door I need to wash my hands, I promise I wont look at you (remember I am doing my business and he wants to wash his hands ).

Me : Dude come on man, leave me alone….

Mr X : starts banging the door !!

Me : (I dont open my mouth )

Time 10:00, Mr X locks my rest room door from outside. I try opening the door and obviously it won’t open.  So I start banging the door and i dont hear anything from the other side. more banging on the door and nothing happens.

Time 10:20 , I knew Mr X was around, and I knew he is fully aware of the fact that I am inside the rest room. More banging on the door and he starts laughing. My ego enters the scene and I didn’t wanna give up. So I thought I would be silent for sometime, and probably he would finally give up and open the door (Some idea !!).

Time 10:40 , No noise from the other side. Now I get really pissed (Look at the irony!!) and I get the greatest idea that any man (who is stuck in a restroom) ever got. I fill up my bucket with water and start to dump into this small hole in our door , obviously thinking that this would piss Mr X and he would open the door.

Time 11:15 , 5 buckets down and still no response. He smiles and laughs and I can hear him lie down in his bed. Two more attempts with my bucket idea and I realise its not gonna work out. So I start banging the door again.

Time 11:30 , Now I get really pissed, started swearing at him and banging the door at the same time and praying to god that Mr X should’nt have gone to sleep

 Time 12:05, I get really tired, resort to my toilet seat and start thinking about what i m gonna do if I am stuck here for the whole night

Time 1:00 , I start hallucinating, I hear things, things like the door opening, someone knocking the door .

Time 2:00, I thought I would bang the door one more time, and if nothing happens, decided to sleep in my rest room. So I bang the door one more time. And this time I could hear someone getting up and walking towards the door. I thought I am still hallucinating, and realised i wasn’t . Its Mr X, he is awake and he then realises what he did….(thank god he realised it).

He opens the door and all he says is “Oh ! You still inside. I am sorry i slept off” (fuck face).

After 6 buckets of water , sour arm after all that banging on the door, and 5 hours later, I was free. It was one hell of a experience.

 Hopefully I wouldnt go through any such experience, but hey when you have Mr X around, all you can do is expect more :| . That’s it from me now ,


Vinod Chandramouli

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