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One Night in a restroom..!!

First things first, this is not about me doing Mokey Business with someone in a restroom. This is a true story which happened some days back at my place.

It was a usual Sunday evening and My room mate (Lets call him Mr X) has his usual quota of Budweiser and is in his own drunken world. At around 9:45 I decide to go to the rest room, so that I could do the thing which all normal human beings do when something called nature calls them.

Before I start with what happens next, let me give you guys some back ground information about my room mate. His name as you all know is Mr X. and he is the sort of person your mom always warned about. annoying, irritating, mannerless and other adjectives which are synonym to the word “GROSS”.

So getting back to the rest room, while I am doing my business, Mr X knocks the door….

Mr X : knock knock

Me : Yes, what do you want ?

Mr X : Dude open the door I need to wash my hands, I promise I wont look at you (remember I am doing my business and he wants to wash his hands ).

Me : Dude come on man, leave me alone….

Mr X : starts banging the door !!

Me : (I dont open my mouth )

Time 10:00, Mr X locks my rest room door from outside. I try opening the door and obviously it won’t open.  So I start banging the door and i dont hear anything from the other side. more banging on the door and nothing happens.

Time 10:20 , I knew Mr X was around, and I knew he is fully aware of the fact that I am inside the rest room. More banging on the door and he starts laughing. My ego enters the scene and I didn’t wanna give up. So I thought I would be silent for sometime, and probably he would finally give up and open the door (Some idea !!).

Time 10:40 , No noise from the other side. Now I get really pissed (Look at the irony!!) and I get the greatest idea that any man (who is stuck in a restroom) ever got. I fill up my bucket with water and start to dump into this small hole in our door , obviously thinking that this would piss Mr X and he would open the door.

Time 11:15 , 5 buckets down and still no response. He smiles and laughs and I can hear him lie down in his bed. Two more attempts with my bucket idea and I realise its not gonna work out. So I start banging the door again.

Time 11:30 , Now I get really pissed, started swearing at him and banging the door at the same time and praying to god that Mr X should’nt have gone to sleep

 Time 12:05, I get really tired, resort to my toilet seat and start thinking about what i m gonna do if I am stuck here for the whole night

Time 1:00 , I start hallucinating, I hear things, things like the door opening, someone knocking the door .

Time 2:00, I thought I would bang the door one more time, and if nothing happens, decided to sleep in my rest room. So I bang the door one more time. And this time I could hear someone getting up and walking towards the door. I thought I am still hallucinating, and realised i wasn’t . Its Mr X, he is awake and he then realises what he did….(thank god he realised it).

He opens the door and all he says is “Oh ! You still inside. I am sorry i slept off” (fuck face).

After 6 buckets of water , sour arm after all that banging on the door, and 5 hours later, I was free. It was one hell of a experience.

 Hopefully I wouldnt go through any such experience, but hey when you have Mr X around, all you can do is expect more :| . That’s it from me now ,


Vinod Chandramouli


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