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The world’s Dirtiest Cities and India ain’t Contributing !?

The first thing you would have thought after reading the title !? – “I am sure India is there in that list”. I don’t know about you, but I for one thought India made it to that prestigious list of the “The World’s Dirtiest Cities”.

So I go to this article right here, and search frantically for an Indian City, surprising I do not find one. I don’t know whether I should be happy about it or I should be surprised !! I know it is really sad to feel surprised when you don’t find your country in a list like this , but hey ! we all know the truth. We know for a fact India should have made it (and no I am not proud of it).

Here is the complete list.

  • Milan , Italy
  • Norilsk , Russia
  • Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
  • Mexico City , Mexico
  • Dakar , Senegal
  • Sumgayit , Azerbaijan
  • Linfen , China
  • La Oroya , Peru
  • Cubatoa Valley , Brazil
  • Kabwe , Zambia

What are you thoughts ? Do you think India should have made this list ? Are we that bad ?


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Bill Gates Says – Windows XP team, You suck !!

I know what you guys are thinking. How the heck can Bill Gates say that. I mean isn’t he part of the XP team? Not anymore. Mr Gates who will be retiring very soon is supposed to be in the handoff mode with Stevie !! Gates is officially out of Microsoft and his last day would be June 27th . We are all gonna miss him. I feel really sad , no not because he is leaving, I feel sad because I was part of the Windows XP team as well.

Alright enough of yapping. The main reason why I wrote is post –

A) I finally found a topic to talk about :)
B) You guys just read that Bill Gates is leaving (Boo !! Late news ??)
C) Check this memo from Mr Gates – Make sure you read the entire email.

For all those who always crib about Windows XP or Microsoft, This one is from Bill Gates and its for you !!

From: Bill Gates
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 10:05 AM
To: Jim Allchin
Cc: Chris Jones (WINDOWS); Bharat Shah (NT); Joe Peterson; Will Poole; Brian Valentine; Anoop Gupta (RESEARCH)
Subject: Windows Usability Systematic degradation flame

I am quite disappointed at how Windows Usability has been going backwards and the program management groups don’t drive usability issues.

Let me give you my experience from yesterday.

I decided to download (Moviemaker) and buy the Digital Plus pack … so I went to Microsoft.com. They have a download place so I went there.

The first 5 times I used the site it timed out while trying to bring up the download page. Then after an 8 second delay I got it to come up.

This site is so slow it is unusable.

It wasn’t in the top 5 so I expanded the other 45.

These 45 names are totally confusing. These names make stuff like: C:\Documents and Settings\billg\My Documents\My Pictures seem clear.

They are not filtered by the system … and so many of the things are strange.

I tried scoping to Media stuff. Still no moviemaker. I typed in movie. Nothing. I typed in movie maker. Nothing.

So I gave up and sent mail to Amir saying – where is this Moviemaker download? Does it exist?

So they told me that using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated.

They told me to go to the main page search button and type movie maker (not moviemaker!).

I tried that. The site was pathetically slow but after 6 seconds of waiting up it came.

I thought for sure now I would see a button to just go do the download.

In fact it is more like a puzzle that you get to solve. It told me to go to Windows Update and do a bunch of incantations.

This struck me as completely odd. Why should I have to go somewhere else and do a scan to download moviemaker?

So I went to Windows update. Windows Update decides I need to download a bunch of controls. (Not) just once but multiple times where I get to see weird dialog boxes.

Doesn’t Windows update know some key to talk to Windows?

Then I did the scan. This took quite some time and I was told it was critical for me to download 17megs of stuff.

This is after I was told we were doing delta patches to things but instead just to get 6 things that are labeled in the SCARIEST possible way I had to download 17meg.

So I did the download. That part was fast. Then it wanted to do an install. This took 6 minutes and the machine was so slow I couldn’t use it for anything else during this time.

What the heck is going on during those 6 minutes? That is crazy. This is after the download was finished.

Then it told me to reboot my machine. Why should I do that? I reboot every night — why should I reboot at that time?

So I did the reboot because it INSISTED on it. Of course that meant completely getting rid of all my Outlook state.

So I got back up and running and went to Windows Updale again. I forgot why I was in Windows Update at all since all I wanted was to get Moviemaker.

So I went back to Microsoft.com and looked at the instructions. I have to click on a folder called WindowsXP. Why should I do that? Windows Update knows I am on Windows XP.

What does it mean to have to click on that folder? So I get a bunch of confusing stuff but sure enough one of them is Moviemaker.

So I do the download. The download is fast but the Install takes many minutes. Amazing how slow this thing is.

At some point I get told I need to go get Windows Media Series 9 to download.

So I decide I will go do that. This time I get dialogs saying things like “Open” or “Save”. No guidance in the instructions which to do. I have no clue which to do.

The download is fast and the install takes 7 minutes for this thing.

So now I think I am going to have Moviemaker. I go to my add/remove programs place to make sure it is there.

It is not there.

What is there? The following garbage is there. Microsoft Autoupdate Exclusive test package, Microsoft Autoupdate Reboot test package, Microsoft Autoupdate testpackage1. Microsoft AUtoupdate testpackage2, Microsoft Autoupdate Test package3.

Someone decided to trash the one part of Windows that was usable? The file system is no longer usable. The registry is not usable. This program listing was one sane place but now it is all crapped up.

But that is just the start of the crap. Later I have listed things like Windows XP Hotfix see Q329048 for more information. What is Q329048? Why are these series of patches listed here? Some of the patches just things like Q810655 instead of saying see Q329048 for more information.

What an absolute mess.

Moviemaker is just not there at all.

So I give up on Moviemaker and decide to download the Digital Plus Package.

I get told I need to go enter a bunch of information about myself.

I enter it all in and because it decides I have mistyped something I have to try again. Of course it has cleared out most of what I typed.

I try (typing) the right stuff in 5 times and it just keeps clearing things out for me to type them in again.

So after more than an hour of craziness and making my programs list garbage and being scared and seeing that Microsoft.com is a terrible website I haven’t run Moviemaker and I haven’t got the plus package.

The lack of attention to usability represented by these experiences blows my mind. I thought we had reached a low with Windows Network places or the messages I get when I try to use 802.11. (don’t you just love that root certificate message?)

When I really get to use the stuff I am sure I will have more feedback.

Way to go Mr Gates !! Way to Go !!

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Its a Lonely Day !!

Well, no I am not complaining that it was a lonely day. I had great fun being alone that day. This was about a month or two back when It was pouring in Hyderabad. My roommate was not around and I had his Camera.

So here is the formula

Bored + Rain + a Nikon DSLR = Photographs !!

I took some crazy photographs that day and here are some of them.

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Still Crazy after 4 years !!

Last week was really special to me .. No wait two weeks back !? … To be specific 24th of May, will always be special to me. The day it all started. The day the fairy tale became a reality. What’s so special about 24th of May ? I did a search on Google and I found this wikipedia page !!! WTF !! its special to a whole of lot of people.

Anyways What’s so special about 24th of May ? 4 years ago (2008-4=2004) , I joined Convergys. 4 years, whoa !! I know right, Same company for 4 years. Alright getting back to 2004. I remember the day I got the offer. It was very weird(and scary now). I had to bunk college and the only way out was to attend Convergys’s campus interview. I wasn’t even prepared for it. I spent one whole day with Viky and others , chatting away to glory and unfortunately(then) / fortunately(now) I got the offer.

You see I come from a very developed city in TamilNadu (Erode!!) , so Bangalore was a real cake walk for me. I felt really comfortable in Bangalore, because Erode is very similar to Bangalore. 4 years down the line, 3 promotions later, I am still with Convergys and I am happy about it. This post is dedicated to Convergys and all those guys who made me stick on to it.

What have I learnt out of these 4 years ??

  • I learnt about Computers !
  • I learnt about internet, I learnt about blogs, which is a good thing right ? Imagine if I had like opened a mechanic shop of some kind back home, you guys would have never got a chance to read all my crap !! ,again that’s a good thing right ??
  • I learnt to talk crap. In a good sense. I learnt to talk a lot. I learnt to talk for hours together, you get the point !!
  • I was free YEYEYE !! I could do anything I want, I could jump over the bed. I could go to work without brushing my teeth. I could sleep after six in the evening..I was Free(Thangamani Enjoy !!)
  • Pink Floyd ! I would have never heard of them if it wasn’t for Vetri and Ashwin. The best thing ever happened to me, i meant Pink Floyd.
  • I made some amazing friends, I had some amazing food, I went to some amazing place, I did some amazing stuff.
  • After 20 years , I felt homesick. I learnt what it is like to miss your parents. It would have never happened if it wasn’t for Convergys.

And the list can go on and on and on…. I still can’t believe I completed 4 years and I can’t wait to complete my 5th year, to be honest its the bonus I am waiting for !! Hopefully you should see another post say in another year dedicated to Convergys. !!

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Strike One !!

Greater Hyderabad Bus and Cab drivers are going on strike, so are the auto drivers(not again!!). Its like a quarterly affair for these auto drivers to go on strike. They get up one fine day morning and some auto driver says “Alright folks, lets go on strike from today, decide on some issue”. This time around they are going on strike for two different reasons. One for increase in VAT and the other for increase in Petrol and Diesel rates.(I think ?!)

You see, people like me who work for big MNC’s are spoilt brats. We were spoilt by our company. We got used to free shuttles , pick ups and drops that when something like this happens we panic. Back when I was in college, Taxi was a luxury. I never took the college bus because we did not have any !!. So it was either Nada Raja Service or Government Buses. Since I am the most active person in my family I used to commute to college by buses.

When I joined my company in Bangalore, I was introduced to Cabs. You get to go in these well maintained cabs , driven by extremely cautious cab drivers (Ahem!! I am being sarcastic here). And once you start earning, you tend to use autos and taxi more than the good ‘ol government buses. They say old habits die hard, for me it didn’t even suffer a heart attack. I am so used to Auto rides that I have decided I am not going to buy a bike(the other reason is i m way to lazy to drive one).

So when something like this happens, my entire life comes to a halt. No more cafe coffee day trips, no more movies, no more coming to work on time. When the auto drivers go on strike for like a day it gets really messy. But this time they are goin on indefinite strike , that means for the next one million years I dont get to travel in an auto.

So I sat down and developed Plan B for times like these. You can use my plan or come out with your own but at the end of the day BE PREPARED !!

  • I am going to Walk ! I get to organize my thoughts, I get to exercise , I get to faint because I can’t walk for a long time, I get to go to the doctor because of leg cramps and I get to take sick leave because I walked one day to work.
  • Get a lift from some stranger – I hate to do this, but I have no choice. Come up with silly billboards like “E.T HOME” or “STOP IF YOU WANNA SAVE EARTH’ or some shit like that. Attract strangers to stop their bikes and ask them for lift.
  • Government Bus – Cheap, hygienic and the best way to travel to work. Think of it, when do you get to dirty your clothes early in the morning because you are like in the middle of a stampede !! You get to volunteer for the I-am-clean-crush-me-to-death-before-I-get-to-work Club.
  • Buy a bike !! – That says it all.
  • The best option of them all. Take leave for one week. Tell you manager that you stay close to mars and you cant get to work or you fell ill and it was pure coincidence that the auto drivers went on strike at the same time. Stay at home, watch that Afternoon Mega Serial you always wanted to watch. !!

Oh !! I always wanted to say this. With Camera person this is Vinod Chandramouli for CNN , Hyderabad. !!

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The girl in the red suit !!

Three young kids along with a Proud father and mother enter this place where me and my friend were having dinner. They looked like a very happy family. After about 2 mins, there is this fourth kid coming in. She was carrying this very cute baby in her hand. Oh ! yeah the 3 kids who came in initially were neatly dressed , had costly shoes and stuff. The fourth one on the other hand had a torn red suit and no sandals. She was about 7-8 years old and she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

The family gets their table. The kids were all excited about it, the mother starts to order and the father is helping her out. The fourth one is like way behind them standing in a corner looking at them. The family gives a damn for her. They dont offer a place for her to sit, they dont ask her whether she wants to have anything, for goodness sake they dont even recogonize her. why ? because she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

I was very hungry last night. I was really excited about my food. When I saw this drama, I lost my appetite. The poor thing was standing like right in front of me, looking at their table and thinking how nice it will be to sit and have some food. You see , she cant do that, instead, she gets to stand till the time the rich bunch finishes their dinner, she has to carry the baby back, put her to sleep and finish up all the cleaning work then after about 3 million years she gets to have their left over food why ?because she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

So I decided I will dedicate this post to that girl. The girl who made me lose my appetite, the girl who made me feel really bad, the girl who could have been in some school studying about something, the girl who could have been right next to her mom talking about her family,

I have few words for that RICH F*&^ER WHO GOT HIS FAMILY ALONG and that poor thing who came along with them.


  • I am not saying its bad to bring your family for dinner. Its the best thing, its always fun. But next time when you venture out, either ask your baby sitter to join you for dinner or DO NOT BRING HER ALONG.
  • Your kids, those rich kids, do you think they will give a damn about this girl when they grow up ? You want your son or your daughter to study at the best of the best schools, go abroad get all the possible degree they get, but you dont want the girl who took care of your baby to learn alphabets.
  • You spend lakhs or even crores of rupees on stuff like house, car , education which is good but can you spend about 3000 per month for that kids education ?


You might be thinking I am mad to address a girl who will never get to learn english, but remember this post is dedicated to her.

  • Next time when you are out with your RICH MASTER and they treat you like this, threaten that you will throw the baby to dogs if you do not get respect. You will be either sent to jail or you will be homeless. Its much better than taking all that crap.
  • Slap, beat or threaten your dad and ask him to work extra hours , ask him to earn that extra money and ask him to take you to a school.(if your dad is a alcoholic , honey i m sorry).
  • Steal notebooks from your RICH MASTER’s kids and learn on your own. I am sure you will do a good job then those kids. Once you learn, tease them, insult them.

Well, I am not saying you’ve got to be perfect. I am not saying all those rich guys are like this. All I am saying is that the Kid with a red suit is not the only one in this world.

My question to everyone reading this(if anyone ever reads my blog), i am sure you must have come across stuff like this. I am sure you must have seen atleast one red suit girl who wants to have her life back. What are you thoughts ?

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