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A Few Chillies, An Onion And Three Tomatoes

With a perfect winter climate, top class hotels, superb facilities for a variety of sports and leisure activities and excellent shopping, Dubai has something to offer everyone. That’s a fact we all know about Dubai. Dubai is famous for its man-made islands, mega malls and the supposedly tallest tower in the world. But there is a different side to it as well. The side which is well hidden from the visitors.

I was reading this article this morning from The Guardian We need slaves to build monuments“. a  well written article about Dubai’s Labour Camps and how expats from various parts of the world are treated in what I call a Race Pyramid. It really is true isn’t it? Appearances are always deceptive !! Link to the article after the break.

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The world’s Dirtiest Cities and India ain’t Contributing !?

The first thing you would have thought after reading the title !? – “I am sure India is there in that list”. I don’t know about you, but I for one thought India made it to that prestigious list of the “The World’s Dirtiest Cities”.

So I go to this article right here, and search frantically for an Indian City, surprising I do not find one. I don’t know whether I should be happy about it or I should be surprised !! I know it is really sad to feel surprised when you don’t find your country in a list like this , but hey ! we all know the truth. We know for a fact India should have made it (and no I am not proud of it).

Here is the complete list.

  • Milan , Italy
  • Norilsk , Russia
  • Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
  • Mexico City , Mexico
  • Dakar , Senegal
  • Sumgayit , Azerbaijan
  • Linfen , China
  • La Oroya , Peru
  • Cubatoa Valley , Brazil
  • Kabwe , Zambia

What are you thoughts ? Do you think India should have made this list ? Are we that bad ?

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Age of Innocence !!

Date : Unknown, Year : Early 90’s, Place : Infront of the Television….

Those days, the only channel we used to get was Doordarshan, compared to what we have now…I remember one of my college friend call it the age of alphabets, because we have channels starting with every alphabet. Channel A….Channel B….MTV….Channel V.

Anyways getting back to Early 80’s or rather getting back to Doordarshan, I still remember the programs which we used to get. My entire science knowledge was from Turning Point and UGC. I learnt my country’s epic from the program Mahabharatha and Ramayana. There was this program called Chitrahar, i still remember, my entire family used to gather for this program. Chitrahar was as shorter ,half an hour version of VH1.(in hindi)

Then came the age of Star Plus.The “Star Plus” which we have these days is entirely taken over by Hindi Soap Operas. Well those days, for some of us who grew in that age, Star Plus for the only source of information which made us realise that there are people outside India. Programs like Crystal Maze, World News(The best part is the news was a week old) and others were like the biggest entertainment we have ever seen.

Well, lets cut the frame right there and look at what we have today. Countless number of channels, hours and hours of soap operas, News channels like NDTV, CNN showing us stuff around the world, interactive television, IpTV, things are certainly not the same. India has grown, just like the generation which did along with it. We dont have to wait for Chitrahar to listen to the latest hindi songs, we dont have to wait one week to get an international news, and people dont care about Doordarshan anymore. There are Channels like FTV, MTV which matter the most for the teenagers.

There is this song called Age Of Innocence. During 80’s till early 90’s India was innocent. Then came the age of information, it changed the entire perspective. We were really innocent, we really were.

Vinod Chandramouli

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