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Dark Knight Part 2 – Return of the Batman….Err…Superman !!

  I read this translation on some pirated movie and its damn funny…

When being a child Bruce Wayne had witnessed with his own eyes the fact his parents of millionaire were killed cruelly. So affected his strong desire of Revenging his parents. However, God had never given him a chance to fulfill his will. Following the advice of Raws Al-Ghul – the chief of Ninja Group, Bruce come to Gete, which was a corrupted city filled with various crime groups. Bruce found a basement under his villa that turned him into another person: Spiderman. With this mask Spiderman stroke all criminal activates and criminals everywhere. Such as Tougon, the chief of mafia, Dr. Jackstraw, the abnormal drug trafficker, even a mysterious opponent quite familiar with him

Vinod Chandramouli

P.S : I am still alive. Been really busy but will come back with more(sensible) posts soon.


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A Blurry Image !!

    Childhood – Everybody has those blurry (black & white for some) images of their childhood. Back in those days life was simple.  I am not complaining that life has become complicated but It sure has become complicated compared  to what we had years back. The following is just me thinking really loud about how things were so innocent when I was young.

  • To start with lets take Television. We had just one network – Doordarashan. Remember that time when we had to finish our homework just in time for Ramayana or Vikram aur bedal !  , when the entire family sat in front of the GOD SENT INSTRUMENT to watch Chitrahar or Turning Point ?
  • Man I miss the smell of that adhesive which you find at Post Offices. It has the most crappiest look but I really liked the smell of it. Talking about Post Offices, I remember this time when my family gave a feast to this postman because he brought my dad’s passport through registered post.
  • All India Radio !! We had this old , big , black box which amazed me from the day I could understand what it really did. I used to sit hours together and tune into all the crazy radio networks.
  • Land line. Ah ! the good ol’ Land line. My granddad got his land line 10 years after he applied for it. 10 freaking years !! He was one of  the few people who owned a telephone connection at that time so my house was pretty much a telephone booth at one point of time.
  • Cinema – Cinema Hall’s weren’t that easily accessible during that  period. It should either be someones birthday or a family occasion.

There are million other things why I think life then was pretty simple. Early 90’s !! It was so innocent !!

Vinod Chandramouli

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Where Art Thou – Part 2 !!

 I seriously don’t like writing a post like this but I can’t help it (You would understand the reason in just a minute) and this is not the first time I am writing a post like this. I remember writing something similar to this sometime back.

Still wondering what am I talking about ? Or perhaps wondering who the heck is this guy anyway ? Yes, I had been away for a long (long long) time but its not like I don’t want to blog anymore.  Its just that I haven’t had the time or the technology to blog. Lets take a moment and see what I have been upto lately.

  • After 4.7 Years of me working with my previous company, I decided to move on. I have joined another company. I will give you a clue. Its a big company. Its part of the BIG FOUR and it is great to work in here.
  • My Previous company blocked access to WordPress and Google Reader. Though that was not the reason why I decided to move to another company, that was the primary reason for me to write this post.
  • I shifted my place again. Remember the end of the era post ? (Tip : You can search for it using the search box). I shifted again. This time I got a bigger place . It is such a pain at wrong parts of your body to get a good house at Hyderabad these days. And I consider myself really lucky because not only did I find a big house, it is also furnished and the rent is really cheap.
  • Because I shifted my place, I still haven’t had the Internet connection setup. The Tata Broadband guys are worth another post. They are crazy when it comes to following the god damn customer service process.
  • Finally, it would not be fair on my part if I don’t say the truth. I had been little lazy to write anything here. But I think I am out of that phase now. So you guys are gonna see more of my rant in the coming weeks

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A Few Chillies, An Onion And Three Tomatoes

With a perfect winter climate, top class hotels, superb facilities for a variety of sports and leisure activities and excellent shopping, Dubai has something to offer everyone. That’s a fact we all know about Dubai. Dubai is famous for its man-made islands, mega malls and the supposedly tallest tower in the world. But there is a different side to it as well. The side which is well hidden from the visitors.

I was reading this article this morning from The Guardian We need slaves to build monuments“. a  well written article about Dubai’s Labour Camps and how expats from various parts of the world are treated in what I call a Race Pyramid. It really is true isn’t it? Appearances are always deceptive !! Link to the article after the break.

Article [Read On]

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Fashion !!

No, this is not about the new movie called Fashion (Although I do not mind watching it for the babes!!) . Read this neat law about fashion just now.

Indecent 10 years before its time,
Daring 1 year before its time,
Chic in its time,
Dowdy 3 years after its time,
Hideous 20 years after its time,
Amusing 30 years after its time,
Romantic 100 years after its time,
Beautiful 150 years after its time.

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Simulacra, Simulation and How I Almost Lost It !!

I remember reading this book sometime back, called Simulacra & Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. Well, I have read lot of books but this was/is/will be the most difficult book to read. Its more of a philosophical treatise than a book.I mean it was so tough that math looked easy in front of this one.  Imagine a book which starts like this….

The simulacrum is never what hides the truth – it is truth that hides the fact
that there is none. The simulacrum is true.

If once we were able to view the Borges fable in which the cartographers of the
Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up covering the territory exactly
(the decline of the Empire witnesses the fraying of this map, little by little,
and its fall into ruins, though some shreds are still discernible in the deserts
– the metaphysical beauty of this ruined abstraction testifying to a pride equal
to the Empire and rotting like a carcass, returning to the substance of the
soil, a bit as the double ends by being confused with the real through aging) –
as the most beautiful allegory of simulation, this fable has now come full
circle for us, and possesses nothing but the discrete charm of second-order

Whoa ! This is just the first para and there are 154 pages !! So here is a question, any book/novel/article/math solution you guys could think of which made you swear at the author ? Any book which made you go so mad that you hit the person right next to you after reading the book ?

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Thank You For Calling …..

Year : 2004 to 2006
Place : Microsoft Platforms and Desktop Support Floor, Bangalore

Thank you for calling blah blah blah , My Name is Vinod, Can I get your first name please ? I must have said this sentence over 1000 times in a period of 2 years. That’s right, I worked in a call center, but a call center of a different kind. You see, the normal call center’s had calls which would go for about 30 minutes. But ours was different. An average call would go for an hour and woudl extend upto 9 hours or even 12 hours. So who are our customers ? , you may ask…

Let’s say you have a problem with your Operating System (In this case Windows XP) and you tried everything you can to resolve but all in vain. Remember the Tech Support Number at the back of your Windows XP Cd ? You call that number if you are in North America and you would reach us. Well, forget about calling the tech support number if you are in India, because all of us have a very genuine copy of the operating system :P .

North American’s are different. They face one little problem and bang ! they pickup that phone and call the support number . Some of these callers are really really intelligent and some of them are really really really intelligent Ahem ! Sarcastic.

Though I left that job and its been 2 years, some of those calls still haunt me. I mean, I never knew there were people out there who were dumb ! I mean real Dumb !

  1. I remember this old lady calling me up once and she said her computer would not start and she does not remember what she did. So we do all the preliminary checks like restarting the computer, checking whether the CPU Fan is still on and stuff. About 15 minutes down the line, She tells me her monitor light is amber in color. Duh !! . Of course your computer would not work if you SWITCHED OFF YOUR MONITOR !!
  2. One dude calls up and he sounds very nervous. So I am like ‘What’s up dude ? Why you nervous ?” and stuff and he tells me his computer is hacked by aliens . Alright, lets take one step backwards. At 3 in the morning after a whole night of partying you come to work to listen to this crap. So I am like bring it on and ask him why he feels that his computer is hacked by aliens? He says I do not have Internet Connection and whenever I open Internet Explorer I get some weird message which says The Page Cannot Be Displayed !! I am like WTF !! you must be kidding me !!
  3. One guy had to connect 10 computers on a network, out of which 5 had to be wireless , two through a router and rest of it through the normal ethernet cable. This call went on for NINE straight hours. I am not kidding. I sat with the Customer for NINE hours to accomplish that.
  4. This other time my team member gets this call from an old lady who says her husband’s pacemaker is connected to the computer which monitors that thing and the damn computer had virus in it. Our hearts skipped a beat when we heard that. I mean imagine, the pacemaker is connected to the computer which directly sends feeds to a hospital and its got virus in it. Now that’s a real problem innit ??
  5. A girl calls up and wanted to know how to reset the computer password so that she could take revenge on her boyfriend . I didnt even know whether that’s a legal thing to do.
Well, the list is certainly big. Every call was different. Every customer had a different yet weird issue.  Every day was amazing and sad. You will have to experience it to believe it .

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