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Jaggy’s Effect !!

Name of the Effect : Jaggy’s Effect

Originator : Jagdeep Singh Virdi a.k.a Jaggy a.k.a Pajji a.ka. call-him-whatever-you-want-he-wont-mind.

Effect :

Step 1 : Get up from the bed.

Step 2 : Brush your teeth.

Step 3 : Take Bath

Step 4 : Get ready for work

Step 5 : Look at your watch.

Step 6 : I still have time ! Let me rest for sometime

Step 7 : Get up two hours later

Step 8 : Shit, Late for work, Run Lola Run !!

Step 9 : Regret you slept !

If you have done this or you do this any time, Call it Jaggy’s Effect !!


Filed under: Life in General

3 Responses

  1. Priti says:

    Hahahah…. didn’t know that this is called Jaggy’s Effect

    Yep, there you go !! Now you know it !! Spread the word . lol

  2. s w a t says:

    As far as I know, this is called ‘my effect’ or ‘s w a t effect’ or name it anything inclusive of ‘me’, i won’t mind :D

    How about Jaggy and s w a t’s effect ?? That’s sounds good to you ?? :)

  3. s w a t says:

    Gee, feel free ;)

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