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Why I Fail in Mathematics ?!

I am terrible when it comes to Mathematics. Believe me I am worse than a 3rd grader. I never thought I would get past 10 grade because I knew I would flunk in maths. But I survived my board exams. Luckily I took Commerce and Computers as my specialization for my 12th and I survived that as well. Yay. You might ask me“Dude doesn’t accountancy contain maths in it ?” . Well it does, but you get to use calculator during your semesters. Anyways, after 24 years of pondering why the heck do I have beef with Maths, I got the answer this morning.

I was watching Kalaignar TV when I saw this advert. Suddenly I realised I failed in Maths because of Meera Shampoo. Yes, you heard me right, Meera Shampoo. If you have seen the latest advert, you would know the reason behind it. I did find the video on youtube but its a telegu version. I am gonna translate that into English. First take a look at the video below.

Translation :

Daughter having tough time with maths and her hair.

Mom : Why the heck are you having tough time with the hair.

Daughter : Coz, I suck in Maths.

Mom : Just like your hair. !!

The narrator talks about the how Meera Shampoo helps your hair not tangle and stuff. The next scene, the daughter is all happy and stuff and she comes running to her mom.

Daughter : Mom, Look, I scored jackpot in Maths. !

Mom : Kickass ! Just like your hair.

There you go. Now you know Why I failed in Mathematics. I am not saying I have a bad hair day. All I am trying to say is Meera Shampoo helps you nail Maths. So I sit back and do research on great mathematicians who might have used Meera Shampoo. Surprising the two dudes, I know who are really good at maths had long hair. Damn, they did use Meera Shampoo !! No Wonder !!

The first one is Albert Einstein and the Second is Sir Isaac Newton. Now I know Why I Fail In Mathematics.


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6 Responses

  1. theshowstopper says:


  2. Poonam,
    Welcome to Rating My Life. :)


  3. Anshul says:

    I was not only weak in Maths, coz. I didn’t use Meera Shampo, but later on I found myself weak in playing game of Pool/snooker too, coz. it required some basic geometry(Maths), which I was again weak at coz. I didn’t use Meera Shampoo.

    Dude, this shampoo is a solution to many issues I have faced as kid. Although I am bald now, but If I had knowledge of this shampoo, I wouldn’t have gone Bald.

  4. Anshul,
    Thanks for droppin by . Though I am weak in maths, I kickass when it comes to Pool/Snooker.

    Well Meera Shampoo, if it ain’t for maths, its for somethin else .. lol


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