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Just Another Day !

 All those who follow me regularly here (Like you guys do !!), know that I moved to a new place recently. We did create a big fuss about moving out of the old place, we dedicated posts, we had parties and we had fun. Moving to this new place has been a great roller coaster ride for me. It is exactly what I expected when I realised I am gonna be all alone at the new place. 

See things are different, when you stay with friends. The first and obvious difference is you are not alone. You would always have someone around you. You either eat their brain or your brain gets eaten by them. I had some amazing room mates in the past and I had no complains against them (Well actually I do, but that’s the past innit ?? ). So why is it a roller coaster life when I am alone. 

 You don’t have anyone to talk to when you want to talk to someone. You life gets really monotonous. You have a schedule to maintain. You start looking at life from a clock’s perspective. So I have come up with some points on how to identify that you are leading a lonely life. Lets just say these points are  story of my life.

You know you are lonely and your life is monotonous when

  • You start writing a blog post about it . Like this one…
  • You get up at 6:00 in the morning everyday no matter what happens the previous night.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting up early to use the restroom, because the restroom is all yours.
  • You say Good Morning to the mirror and think either you seriously love yourself or you are losing it.
  • You meditate while you are brushing. I know one more person who does that as well.
  • You have a fixed time to iron your clothes, you have a fixed time for your workouts, you have a fixed time for your bath.
  • Your telephone bill takes a toll because you end up talking to almost everyone you know over the phone.
  • Your tube light in your bedroom is used once a while and your room is dark at least half of the time.
  • You start downloading movies just to keep you entertained.
  • You start having food from the same place everyday and you don’t get tired of it.
  • You realise you chat on line more than you used to do sometime back.
  • The person you avoided all of a sudden becomes your friend. You strike a conversation with him every single time.
  • You start talking to your house maid more than your friends. I know what you guys are thinking. Nope, I am not hitting on my house maid the reason being my house maid is a guy .!!
  • The only question on your mind is “where the heck are my friends ??”
  • You have chai with someone over the phone . 
  • You wish you had more weekdays than weekends.
  • Your Television watching period shortens day by day.
  • You play games on your cellphone before you hit the bed.
  • You start listening to a totally new genre just for the heck of it.
  • You watch pathetic, sad , embarrassing Telegu movies.
  • You start saving money. Believe me, you do ! 
  • Your neighbour starts smiling at you. Well he/she actually does that all the time but you start noticing it just now.
  • Your room is silent and you like it that way.
  • You don’t like visitors who stay back. You have a heavy heart when you are not alone. Jaggy, Sumit no offence to you guys. You guys are not visitors :).
As I said, some of them are story of my life.Actually most of them are. Not that I don’t have friends or I don’t have a social life. Its just that you tend to have lots of free time than you had before. This part of my life, this lonely little part , would get 4 out of 10 on the Rating Scale.


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2 Responses

  1. shivya says:

    1 more point, if I may add it to your list:

    When you see a list of “You are lonely and your life is monotonous when..,” and sit and read all of it to see if you accurately match the description.

    The saving money part certainly doesn’t match :p

    Nice blog, by the way :)

  2. theshowstopper says:

    Welcome to Rating My Life. You are always welcome to add points to my lonely life.

    Saving money…well it does match with my case. I don’t know why, but it does. Probably its time I start spending for myself.. :)


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