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Going Down ??

 One stupid question. Just one stupid question. That’s all the inspiration I need to write a blog post. Well this one happened some days back at work. My office building has four floor and on the last floor is the cafeteria. So lets say you wanna go to the cafeteria through the elevator you press “4”. Remember there is no “5”. 

So I am coming from the cafeteria this other day and so was this lady behind me. I got into the lift and I turn back to hear her ask me “Is this one going down ?”. See stupid question. When you are on the last floor and there is nothing above you..the elevator does not have the capability to go up ! It has to go down. Lady, which part of LAST FLOOR did you not understand. Anyway, this whole elevator incident made me think like a mad man. So I sat and devised a plan on how to annoy/scare people while you are in an elevator(Also, I got this inspiration from one of Shyla’s post)

  1. For starters, stand on the last floor. If someone is already inside the elevator, ask them whether that god damn thing is going down. They would say “Yes”. You ask them again. Keep repeating it till they show you the finger and press the close button.
  2. Inside the elevator – Press the first button and call the button out loud. Press the second button and call the button out loud. Keep repeating it till you run out of buttons and start from first again.
  3. Talk to yourself loudly. Say something like ‘I know, its so weird being here. You know, from where I come from they don’t do all that stuff. So which part of the country are you from”.
  4. Keep looking at your watch and every 3 seconds say “Shit, It might happen any second now”. Look restless while you doing that. 
  5. Press the button for the ground floor and say “Shit, wrong floor !”. Press the button for the first floor and say “Shit, not again. Wrong Floor”.  Keep repeating till you reach the last floor. Press the stop button and get of the lift. 
  6. If your office building is about 10 floors, there is nothing like it. Act like you are over the phone with your friend. “What is the phone number again ? 988….” Start pressing  the numbers on the elevator correspondingly. 
  7. When there is complete silence, ask the person standing next to you “You hear that ?”.  He would definitely say “No”. Again “Damn, you hear that again?”. Hundred bucks says he would either say Yes or he would get off the next floor.
  8. Look worried. Ask the person next to you, “Does this thing  work ? I read somewhere that 90% of all accidents in a office premise happen in a elevator. Are you sure this thing is safe ? Does that emergency button work ?” .
  9. Act as if you are over the phone and say “Yeah he/she is here. Yep, cut the wire now.No you listen to me god damn it. Cut it now, he/she won’t escape, I am watching !”
WARNING : These stunts are performed by Professionals. Please Do Not try this at home (Obviously ! We don’t have elevators at home).


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2 Responses

  1. Shylacs says:

    good stuff dude!!

  2. theshowstopper says:

    thank you. :)


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