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The end of an era !!

Scene 1 : ROOM NO 40 – Dwarakamai, behind pedamagudi, Hyderabad

Enter (The goddamn list is big!!)

Actual Occupants of Room No 40 !!

1) Vinod
3) Chari
4) Pajji (You have to give it to this guy !!)

Permanent Guests….of Room No 40 !! (No particular order)

1) Ashwin
2) Sumit
3) Bubby (a.k.a) Beedu (a.ka) Naresh
4) Kaizer
5) Stephen
6) Gaurav
7) Vaibhav
8  Srinath
9) Sujith
10) Sid
11) Sam
12) Sharath
13) Anindhiyo
14) Chetan
15) Yaseen
16) Nilesh
17) Laxman
18  My main man Sanjeev !!(You Beauty !!)

It all started when I moved to Hyderabad. Me and Jitu decided we would become roommates. We never knew Room No 40 would become such a kickass place. Once Jitu moved out, Chari moved in. Still we kept the tradition of that room. Its sad that we would be moving out of that place. Its sad that there will be no more loud music from that place.

This post is dedicate to that place and all those wonderful, crazy, scary, pshycotic, funny, OMG moments. Here are some of stuff we have all seen together at room no 40 :

1) Sumit’s encounter with the broken bed.
2) Stephen’s announcement of his baby !!
3) Sumit’s marriage
4) Ashwin’s marriage
5) Ashwin’s crazy dance of the famous CCD Song.
6) Pajji’s One Night Stand (No !! Not the one you are thinkin pervert !!)
7) Chari’s famous Green Shirt
One night in the restroom – By Vinod
9) Three Nights in the hospital – By Jitu, Chari, Sumit and Vinod
10) Gaurav VS Jitu
11) Tekan clashes between Sumit/Chari/Paaji
12) The Case of the Missing DVD’s !!
13) Pizza guy getting molested (Okie, you are way to pervert !!) by Jitu
14) Two new years night OH YEAH parties !!
15) The T20 World Cup semi finals and Finals
16) Jitu’s farewell party !!
17) Monopoly with real money !!

Updates :
18) Naagin Dance by Bubby and Jitu (I know the video is somewhere on Youtube..you guys have the link??)
19) I am a disco dancer performed by the inhouse dancers Jitu and Bubby .
20) One dreadful day at Charminar. We owe that night to Bubby !!
21) The day when Steve lost his dance virginity.

…. and the list can go on and on and on. Its sad that the party is over !! Its the end of an era….


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8 Responses

  1. […] in General, remote control — theshowstopper @ 9:02 am Remember the post some days back ? (the end of an era!!). So I moved into this new place (Room No 38 !!) and we had our very own house warming ceremony […]

  2. Stevie says:

    … memories of all the fun that we had just floated around as I read this Post… I still can feel each moment that I spent out there…. The word “Fun” is just not enough to describe the crazy things that each one of us did out here…. and I still remember the rolling days on the roof top… :-)

  3. jitu says:

    How can u forget:

    * Steven dancing (its the same night as sumit and the broken bed, but this was KILLER too)
    * Haleem fights
    * For some weird reason, I did not find the word ‘Beer’ in that blog. Isnt that, eh.. important?

    Like you said.. list is looooong and cannot be remembered at one go..
    for all those interested..

  4. theshowstopper says:

    Thanks for dropping by. Oh yeah totally forgot about Steve’s dancing night.
    Haleem Fights…lol
    Beer is an integral part of Room No 40 ! Should I even mention it here ?

  5. Bubby says:

    Kya baat hai mamu…blogging shogging huh… I luv this page of urs…. added ur page to my favs… To remind u a few more things…. the ghaalis @ Charminar, the disco dance at Room no 40. The naagin dances… The all wierd Hindu Muslim talk…lol…. n just too many to recollect.

  6. Bubby…You Beauty…
    Thanks for dropping by. How can I forget the charminar and the disco dance !! I have updated the post !!

  7. Jitu says:

    Here you go for the naagin dance… hissssssssssssssss

  8. Jitu says:

    and here for ashwin’s dance on CCR song
    (look out for his action when he says Im gonna make a movie and i ll send it to my GIRLLLL)

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