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Look Ma! I am on Page 3 !!

Alright, Imagine this. You get up on a lazy Friday morning, you take the newspaper, You have an amazing cup of coffee and you start scanning the paper. Something grabs your attention. You look amazed, surprised, excited and embarrased at the same time. Why do you look like that ? Because you just got featured on Page 3 (Alright Shyla , Page 5, Happy !!).

Remember the Chennai trip ? Remember the party at Havana while I was there ? So this dude walks towards us with a camera and he introduces himself as some photographer from Times Of India .He would like to take a photograph of us. WHY WOULD WE SAY NO TO IT ? So we decide we will pose for the camera. We are all set and the entire place is looking at us. This photographer adjusts his camera for about 5 embarrassing mins and finally he clicks it when we are completely not ready.

That was a Saturday. After 6 days, I am at work trying to grab my lunch when I get a call from Shyla. “Vinod !! We are finally there.We got featured on Page 3” . I dropped my plate and ran to my workstation. Logged into Times of India epaper website and clicked on Chennai Times. There we were, bang in the middle of the page .

ALL SMILES : Vinod , Shyla and Vetrz .

I am happy, Shyla is happy, but Mr Vetrz is not. Because his name is not Vetrz its Vetri. “That FA!@#$ photographer spelt my name wrong” That was Vetri’s reaction. But he is not complaining. It is totally different experience when you see your photograph on some news paper not for getting an award or for winning some medal or the worst for murder. Its fun when you get featured on Page 3.

I have attached the pdf file here. Check for the photograph which says “Vinod, Shyla and Vetrz” . The one with the white shirt is me. The one with the blue is Vetrz…err.. Vetri…


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