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The 61 Hour Weekend !!

Friday 7:45 PM – I take an auto to Madhapur. It is raining in Hyderabad and the god damn auto driver asks 50 bucks from J.Hills to Madhapur WTF !! Bargain Vinod Bargain !! 30 Bucks Oh yeah !!

8:20 PM – Reach the pick up point and the guy at the travels says that the bus should be here any min…

9:20 PM – The bus finally arrives !! (Whatever happened any minute!!)

10:20 PM – Reach Naampally . This is where I realised I am supposed to get down and get into the actual bus which will take me to my destination point !!

10:45 PM – After two cups of chai and one bottle of AQUA BLUE , my bus finally arrives and while I am getting comfortable with my seats, I get molested by this fat fuck sitting next to me.

Saturday Morning 8:45 AM – Read the board which says “Chennai 20 Kms”. (Feeling really excited, because this is my first trip to Singara Chennai).

9:45 AM – Chennai Central !!

9:47 AMAuto driver : “Yena sir, yenga ponu ?”
Me : (Oh fish !! Chennai tamil, kick ass) – Adyar !! 2nd Street
AD : Okaru sir !!
Me : (My chennai accent kicks in) – yethini ?
AD : 150    :|
Me : yena thalaiva ? 150 jasthi ! Central Station nuku yepadi ponu ?
AD : Etho ! Nera Po sir ….

9:55 AM – I pick up a Pre Paid auto & pay 75 from Central to Adyar (Oh Yeah!!)

10:10 AM – Cross the bridge which comes in Yuva (Tamizh version) .

10:20 AM – The famous Marina Beach !! Oh man its like the entire Kollywood movies coming back to life …

10:23 AM – Controversial Statue – Kanagi Sellai !!

10:35 AM – The place I always wanted to visit , Koovam !!

10:40 AM – Pass through Kilpauk Medical College !!

10:50 AM – Adyar !!

11:45 AM – Still talking to Vetri, getting ready to meet another friend.

12:10 PM – Got into an auto for Mash @ Besant Nagar. (Amazing place by the beach. Just one problem FLIES !!)

12:45 PM – Pasta with Red Sauce and Hot Cuppa Chai @ Mash !! The service was alright but again just one problem FLIES !!

2:00 PM – Took an auto to Mocha @ Nungambakkam !!.

4:00 PM – Finally decided to move our base to another coffee shop. Walked to a Barista near by

5:30 PM – Left Barista after god-knows-how-many-drinks session.

5:45 PM – Waiting for my friend at Alwarpet !! Hold on !! I see something…What the fish !! a  Lamborghini Gallardo in Chennai !! Oh man I love this city !!

6:30 PM – Reached City Center for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na … (Wonderful Movie … Will talk about it later )

9:45 PM – The movie is over !! Yay !! Clubbing time….we decided to go to this place called Havana @ Rain Tree, Adyar ….

10:30 PM – Entry tickets, stamped in , get inside…the damn place is packed !! No place to stand !!

12:15 AM – I had to come out of to get some air….the damn place is way to crowded… Oh !! Oh !! Bob Sinclair is playing, got to go inside again !!

1:30 AM – The lights are on !! the Music stops , the party is over mate….Nice Party but sad finishing to it.(The DJ played Dard – E – Disco Remix to finish the party  !! Very Sad !!)…

2:30 AM – Reached home, freakin hungry. I have like 3 hours to sleep before getting ready for mahabs !!

Sunday Morning 6:30 AM – Up , dazed, buzzed and zombed out !! getting ready for ECR Road and Mahabs…

8:30 AM – Thanks to my friend’s amazing punctuality , the Idly I am supposed to have at Murugan Idly Stall (Besant Nagar Beach) at 8:00 AM got postponed to 8:45 AM ….(Not the first time !!)..

9:30 AM – Get into the Bus for Mahabs….beautiful drive…

11:00 AM – Reach Sea Shore Resort close by the beach…

1:45 PM – Realize that Calamari is the tentacles of Squids is squid !! …

4:00 PM – Time to leave Mahabs !!

4:10 PM – Auto Driver : Yena sir !! Central la ?
Me : Aama ! yethini !!
AD : 300 !!
Me : 200 ??
AD : Ok sir, kaliyatha poren , Ukarunga !!

5:00 PM : Super Cool drive in an auto from Mahabs to Chennai – My friend is like “Not many ppl like to go in an auto from Mahabs to Chennai you know” !!

6:00 PM – Cafe Coffee Day @ Adyar !! Time for a hot cuppa Chai !!

7:00 PM – Me – Koyamedu Old PrivateBusStand ?
Auto Driver – 200 ?

7:45 PM – Somewhere in Vadpalani !! Kothu Parota Stall !! My chennai trip will be incomplete without it. So me and the auto driver had kick ass Kothu Parota !!

8:45 PM – Sitting inside the bus !! Hyderabad here I come…

After unlimited number of coffees, pastas and water, my Chennai trip came to an end. I am really impressed with Chennai !! I think it rocks…. I would love to get back to the city sometime soon probably visit more pubs and Coffee shops !!


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5 Responses

  1. Stevie says:

    Kool….next time please go in the month of May…u’ll have a mind blowing time dude…!!!

  2. theshowstopper says:

    Stevie !
    I know, I got lucky this time. The weather was beautiful. I mean I have heard about Chennai’s weather but I think I went at the right time…!!

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  4. Archu says:

    Interesting.. I have never been to many places u listed but stil luv this place :)

  5. theshowstopper says:

    @Archu ,
    I had soo much to do in a short span of time. I could complete just 10% of what I planned. But it sure was a wonderful trip.


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