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Inflation – Things just got Personal Between us !!

Its been around for a long time. Gautham has been try his level best to teach me what it really means. But I never bothered about it. Simply because the following things do not affect me directly…..

  • I did not give a damn about Inflation.
  • I do not own a vehicle so I am not worried about the petrol hike
  • I do not cook, so I m not worried about all those rise in hikes….

But my entire perpective towards inflation changed today. Things got personal . I get up this morning and read through the paper and the first thing I see is this article. Yep ! That’s right, Hyderabadi Biryani’s are gonna cost more . WTF !! I mean, one good thing which happened to me during my 2 year stay in Hyderabad is the Biryani. You’ve got to give it to them. The taste, the Mirchi Ka Salan, the Onion Rings , Oh Man ! my mouth is watering.

So just when I am starting to enjoy all this, Inflation takes over and the hotel owners take the very wise decision of increasing the price. Today is a very sad day for India !!


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