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I am going, going, Gone !!

What’s common between Ian Usher, Nicael Holt, John Freyer and Adam Burtle ? Other than the fact that these dudes are crazy(I mean awesome Crazy!!) , they came up with one heck of an idea to earn money, fame, shame or whatever you guys wanna think.

Here is how you do it. You end up getting yourself in to a mid-life crisis (in case of our main man Ian Usher), you dont wanna lose your life by attempting suicide, you wanna leave every memory you have and you wanna have the biggest garage sale ever !! All you have to do is log in to EBAY and SELL YOURSELF !!

That’s right. That’s exactly what Ian Usher ,a British born Australian did on 29th of June 2008. He managed to sell everything he owned on eBay. So what was on the menu ?

  • US$397000 three bedroom house in Perth
  • A trail for his job at a rug store
  • His car
  • His motorbike
  • Clothes
  • And the best of all his friends.

After I read the article, I was surprised and I was like “You must be kidding me !!’. I had this mindset that this guy lost it and people are gonna thrash him. But the best part is yet to come. Some crazy dude(crazier than Ian) bought Ian’s life for a mind blowing $400000. I don’t know about you but there are some rich jerks in this world who would buy anything . I mean yes its alright to by a car for that money, or say a jet plane, now that’s totally cool. But you by a BEEPING person. !!

So now that the deal is all over and all the crazy dudes went back with a happy face, what is Ian planning to do with his money ? He has about 100 different ideas spread over 100 weeks. He is gonna go around the world, showing off with his money . Basically he is gonna have kick ass fun !!

Here is the link to his website he created announcing to the entire god damn world that he is going to sell his life and here is the website where is going to demotivate us by showing off what $400000 will do to him.

My question is this ? Would you do something like this ? Say you get crazy thoughts one night and decide to sell yourself ,would you put a price on yourself ? Or rather, lets say you are beeping rich and you are bored to death ! would you buy someone’s life for $400000 and laugh out loud while the world laughs at you ?


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