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Still Crazy after 4 years !!

Last week was really special to me .. No wait two weeks back !? … To be specific 24th of May, will always be special to me. The day it all started. The day the fairy tale became a reality. What’s so special about 24th of May ? I did a search on Google and I found this wikipedia page !!! WTF !! its special to a whole of lot of people.

Anyways What’s so special about 24th of May ? 4 years ago (2008-4=2004) , I joined Convergys. 4 years, whoa !! I know right, Same company for 4 years. Alright getting back to 2004. I remember the day I got the offer. It was very weird(and scary now). I had to bunk college and the only way out was to attend Convergys’s campus interview. I wasn’t even prepared for it. I spent one whole day with Viky and others , chatting away to glory and unfortunately(then) / fortunately(now) I got the offer.

You see I come from a very developed city in TamilNadu (Erode!!) , so Bangalore was a real cake walk for me. I felt really comfortable in Bangalore, because Erode is very similar to Bangalore. 4 years down the line, 3 promotions later, I am still with Convergys and I am happy about it. This post is dedicated to Convergys and all those guys who made me stick on to it.

What have I learnt out of these 4 years ??

  • I learnt about Computers !
  • I learnt about internet, I learnt about blogs, which is a good thing right ? Imagine if I had like opened a mechanic shop of some kind back home, you guys would have never got a chance to read all my crap !! ,again that’s a good thing right ??
  • I learnt to talk crap. In a good sense. I learnt to talk a lot. I learnt to talk for hours together, you get the point !!
  • I was free YEYEYE !! I could do anything I want, I could jump over the bed. I could go to work without brushing my teeth. I could sleep after six in the evening..I was Free(Thangamani Enjoy !!)
  • Pink Floyd ! I would have never heard of them if it wasn’t for Vetri and Ashwin. The best thing ever happened to me, i meant Pink Floyd.
  • I made some amazing friends, I had some amazing food, I went to some amazing place, I did some amazing stuff.
  • After 20 years , I felt homesick. I learnt what it is like to miss your parents. It would have never happened if it wasn’t for Convergys.

And the list can go on and on and on…. I still can’t believe I completed 4 years and I can’t wait to complete my 5th year, to be honest its the bonus I am waiting for !! Hopefully you should see another post say in another year dedicated to Convergys. !!


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