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Strike One !!

Greater Hyderabad Bus and Cab drivers are going on strike, so are the auto drivers(not again!!). Its like a quarterly affair for these auto drivers to go on strike. They get up one fine day morning and some auto driver says “Alright folks, lets go on strike from today, decide on some issue”. This time around they are going on strike for two different reasons. One for increase in VAT and the other for increase in Petrol and Diesel rates.(I think ?!)

You see, people like me who work for big MNC’s are spoilt brats. We were spoilt by our company. We got used to free shuttles , pick ups and drops that when something like this happens we panic. Back when I was in college, Taxi was a luxury. I never took the college bus because we did not have any !!. So it was either Nada Raja Service or Government Buses. Since I am the most active person in my family I used to commute to college by buses.

When I joined my company in Bangalore, I was introduced to Cabs. You get to go in these well maintained cabs , driven by extremely cautious cab drivers (Ahem!! I am being sarcastic here). And once you start earning, you tend to use autos and taxi more than the good ‘ol government buses. They say old habits die hard, for me it didn’t even suffer a heart attack. I am so used to Auto rides that I have decided I am not going to buy a bike(the other reason is i m way to lazy to drive one).

So when something like this happens, my entire life comes to a halt. No more cafe coffee day trips, no more movies, no more coming to work on time. When the auto drivers go on strike for like a day it gets really messy. But this time they are goin on indefinite strike , that means for the next one million years I dont get to travel in an auto.

So I sat down and developed Plan B for times like these. You can use my plan or come out with your own but at the end of the day BE PREPARED !!

  • I am going to Walk ! I get to organize my thoughts, I get to exercise , I get to faint because I can’t walk for a long time, I get to go to the doctor because of leg cramps and I get to take sick leave because I walked one day to work.
  • Get a lift from some stranger – I hate to do this, but I have no choice. Come up with silly billboards like “E.T HOME” or “STOP IF YOU WANNA SAVE EARTH’ or some shit like that. Attract strangers to stop their bikes and ask them for lift.
  • Government Bus – Cheap, hygienic and the best way to travel to work. Think of it, when do you get to dirty your clothes early in the morning because you are like in the middle of a stampede !! You get to volunteer for the I-am-clean-crush-me-to-death-before-I-get-to-work Club.
  • Buy a bike !! – That says it all.
  • The best option of them all. Take leave for one week. Tell you manager that you stay close to mars and you cant get to work or you fell ill and it was pure coincidence that the auto drivers went on strike at the same time. Stay at home, watch that Afternoon Mega Serial you always wanted to watch. !!

Oh !! I always wanted to say this. With Camera person this is Vinod Chandramouli for CNN , Hyderabad. !!


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2 Responses

  1. Aparna says:

    Lol @ Plan B..
    And for the last line.
    Well written post. :) Poor you till the strike is called off..

  2. theshowstopper says:

    Thank you. !! Well they did finally. I went was not in town this weekend(i will be writing about it in sometime) and i believe they have called of the strike. They must have got bored of the two day strike !!

    Cant wait to write post STRIKE TWO..lol


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