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The girl in the red suit !!

Three young kids along with a Proud father and mother enter this place where me and my friend were having dinner. They looked like a very happy family. After about 2 mins, there is this fourth kid coming in. She was carrying this very cute baby in her hand. Oh ! yeah the 3 kids who came in initially were neatly dressed , had costly shoes and stuff. The fourth one on the other hand had a torn red suit and no sandals. She was about 7-8 years old and she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

The family gets their table. The kids were all excited about it, the mother starts to order and the father is helping her out. The fourth one is like way behind them standing in a corner looking at them. The family gives a damn for her. They dont offer a place for her to sit, they dont ask her whether she wants to have anything, for goodness sake they dont even recogonize her. why ? because she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

I was very hungry last night. I was really excited about my food. When I saw this drama, I lost my appetite. The poor thing was standing like right in front of me, looking at their table and thinking how nice it will be to sit and have some food. You see , she cant do that, instead, she gets to stand till the time the rich bunch finishes their dinner, she has to carry the baby back, put her to sleep and finish up all the cleaning work then after about 3 million years she gets to have their left over food why ?because she was their baby sitter or you-are-poor-so-you-do-all-this-stuff-girl.

So I decided I will dedicate this post to that girl. The girl who made me lose my appetite, the girl who made me feel really bad, the girl who could have been in some school studying about something, the girl who could have been right next to her mom talking about her family,

I have few words for that RICH F*&^ER WHO GOT HIS FAMILY ALONG and that poor thing who came along with them.


  • I am not saying its bad to bring your family for dinner. Its the best thing, its always fun. But next time when you venture out, either ask your baby sitter to join you for dinner or DO NOT BRING HER ALONG.
  • Your kids, those rich kids, do you think they will give a damn about this girl when they grow up ? You want your son or your daughter to study at the best of the best schools, go abroad get all the possible degree they get, but you dont want the girl who took care of your baby to learn alphabets.
  • You spend lakhs or even crores of rupees on stuff like house, car , education which is good but can you spend about 3000 per month for that kids education ?


You might be thinking I am mad to address a girl who will never get to learn english, but remember this post is dedicated to her.

  • Next time when you are out with your RICH MASTER and they treat you like this, threaten that you will throw the baby to dogs if you do not get respect. You will be either sent to jail or you will be homeless. Its much better than taking all that crap.
  • Slap, beat or threaten your dad and ask him to work extra hours , ask him to earn that extra money and ask him to take you to a school.(if your dad is a alcoholic , honey i m sorry).
  • Steal notebooks from your RICH MASTER’s kids and learn on your own. I am sure you will do a good job then those kids. Once you learn, tease them, insult them.

Well, I am not saying you’ve got to be perfect. I am not saying all those rich guys are like this. All I am saying is that the Kid with a red suit is not the only one in this world.

My question to everyone reading this(if anyone ever reads my blog), i am sure you must have come across stuff like this. I am sure you must have seen atleast one red suit girl who wants to have her life back. What are you thoughts ?


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4 Responses

  1. Aparna says:

    That’s sad! :(

    I have seen a small boy who was working for a family and I couldn’t bear to see the boy being asked to do so much work when the kid of the family was happily playing! Worst was seeing the small boy being scolded :(

  2. theshowstopper says:

    Thanks for dropping by. I know , it really sucks when you see someone like that and you can’t help them directly.


  3. priyaiyer says:

    that moved me to tears! i am touchd! in my ex-office, we had this chaiwallah, who employed a li’l kid. damn cute, very talkative and smart, but illiterate. we (ie our group of friends) tried to make life as comfortable for him as possible. its really sad… but at the same time, i have also heard of money being given to help such you-are-poor-so-you-do-it-all kids being misused… its really a dilemma – to help or not to help..

  4. theshowstopper says:

    I know, it was really sad looking at her. I wanted to so go and bash the shit out of that guy, thanks to my friend i didnt end up in jail.

    and yes another thing is the money getting misused, that’s really sad as well..

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