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Raja Sir again …..

I remember listening to this song about 3 years back. I loved this song that time. I turned the tv on today and viola…It felt sooo good listening to this track again. Raja sir at this best(though I have my favorites), this song brings in good memories.

Prabhu’s acting is really good. SPB , you have no words for his talent and Raja Sir I am not worthy of talking about him. Anyways enjoy the video.

Film Name : Senthamizh paattu
Song Name : Chinna chinna thooral minna
Male singer : S.P.Balasubramaniyam
Music Director : Ilayaraja



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4 Responses

  1. raghs says:

    yep.. its one another film wherein all the songs are good..

    of course its in my fav list too!! :)

    “solli solli vandhadhillai” – is a rocking song.. of both versions (female and male versions)

  2. raghs says:

    hey this says, the video is no longer available? :( check it out buddy!

  3. theshowstopper says:

    Thanks again for the update.I don’t know why it says that. It did play the other day. let me change the link…

  4. Raghavan says:

    It happens VC. I too faced this in orkut as i copied the favorite videos from another friend but after adding, i got to know this fact when checking in my vidoes! then i had to remove! :(

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