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Rating my life one post at a time….

Leaving on a Jet Plane..

After 3 months of All work and No play, I am going home for vacation. Things I am looking forward to this time around…

  • The new international Airport , Hyderabad
  • The family get together..
  • Meeting my college friends after about 4 years
  • Pillow fight with my sister :)
  • Mom’s sambhar and potato fry….
  • Thatha’s advice about not talking to strangers…(8th year running)
  • Patti’s rasam….
  • Dhadhi’s coffee early in the morning….
  • The fact that I dont have to worry about work for the next one week…

Coimbatore……here I come….



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8 Responses

  1. Ruhi says:

    Hi Vinod, found my way here, thank to the comment you left on my blog. :-) Hope you’re having fun at home. I envy you. Sigh..

  2. @Ruhi ,
    Thank you for dropping by…Yep I am having fun already… :) ..how have you been ?


  3. Raghavan says:

    //Pillow fight with my sister :)//

    interesting! and never ending :)

    //Thatha’s advice about not talking to strangers…(8th year running)//

    obviously very tuff in the practical life! isnt it?

    Last one was too good..

    Have a nice time boss! :)

  4. @Raghavan,
    Thank you :)


  5. Raghavan says:

    hey VC,

    i do have a doubt.. abt the templates.. shall i ask her? or do you prefer it to be discussed over chat/mail?

  6. @Raghavan,
    Anything is alright. Either here or you can send in an email at chandramouli.vinod@gmail.com


  7. raghs says:

    hey vinod,

    thank you. I just now noticed one trivial spelling mistake.. as i asked, “shall i ask her?” :) instead of “here”. lol!

  8. […] Filed under: Life in General — theshowstopper @ 3:39 pm When I went home about two months back, Couple of my cousins dropped. Now these cousins of mine are not more than 10 years old. I had […]

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