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Mohan + SPB + Ilayaraja = Awesome !!

Ilayaraja pairs up with SPB to give us yet another I-Get-Goosebumps-When-I-Listen-To-This-Song song. This song will always be close to my heart. My dad sings this song all the time. Feeling Nostalgic……

Thene Thenpandi ~~~~ Udhaya Geetham



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6 Responses

  1. Raghavan says:

    Hey VC,

    Its very true. Nostalgic :) I am game..and there are few more songs in the same list.. At present i could recollect, ‘maliyoram veesum kaathu’ from the film ‘paadu nilave’ — same effect i get within .

    ‘paathai konjam maari ponaal paasam vittu pogumaa? thaazham poovai thooram vaithaal vaasam vittu poguma?’ — fantastic lines!!..

    Thanks for the beautiful song! I have neither watched the movie nor the song. Only heard it hell lot of times.. First time, saw it here :)

  2. @Raghavan,
    Maliyoram Veesum Kaathu….that’s another song I like.

    coming to lyrics of this song, thaazham poovai dhoora vaiththal vaasam kettu poagumaa—-that would be favorite…..

    I am glad that you finally got to watch the video. You must watch the movie as well….


  3. Raghavan says:

    hey vc,

    tx for the hot reply :) yes bosss i m yet to watch…:)

  4. Mohan says:

    Yes, a wonderful song indeed. Very subtle music to give enough room for the lyrics and pathos feel from SPB.

  5. s w a t says:

    I’ll give you a finest illustration of Rajini+SPB+Ilayaraja= AweAwesome!!
    Heard of ‘Kaadhalin Deepam ondru”?

  6. theshowstopper says:

    Kaadhalin Deepam Ondru is a kickass song. All three of them at their best.!! I like the way this thing is going !! :D


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