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Good Morning Mam !! errr….Mom ??

This post is dedicated to all those who had their mom as their teacher(alright Dad as well). I remember we were a bunch of about twenty from different grades, we used to gather at around 9 in the morning everyday during our annual exams. Some of them had their exams in the morning, some of them in the afternoon…

We were called “Staff’s Child”. We were the few privileged, who had the right to enter a Staff Room, we were the few privileged who were known by almost every teacher in our school, we were the few privileged who had our mom as our teacher. Though it sounds cool to have your mom as a teacher, it does get messy sometimes. Here is a list of things you can/cannot do when you have your mom or dad as your teacher.

  • You are not allowed to call your mom , MOM inside the class room
  • You have the right not to get your pen or pencil, because your mom will always have one.
  • You cannot go to your class without doing your homework…(remember !! she is your teacher)
  • Never come out of the annual exam early, especially if it is your last one….your mom will come to know about it …
  • Make sure you tell her the truth about the exam you just wrote, chances are she knows your marks already…

I still remember my 6th grade. I reach my class a little late because I lost my way. When I reach the class I see my mom standing there addressing everyone. I was like “Amma nee yena panera inga”. I thought she would smile and let me in, but this is all she had to say “First warning for not coming to class early and last warning for talking to your english teacher in Tamil”. Right that moment I thought “This is going to fun”. :)
Vinod Chandramouli


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  1. I ve had experinces of my friend whose dad happened to be our Thamizh teacher…and most of the time my friend fails in thamizh exams..and we all used to wonder ?? he can easily get the q.paper even if he wishes ?? such relationship always create mysteries for us..many a times.

  2. theshowstopper says:

    I think the answer to your question is a simple thamizh saying…

    Vadiyar Pulai Maku !! lol…

    Well the problem is he cannot get the q.paper even if he wishes…I am sure your friend will agree..


  3. theshowstopper says:

    Thank you :)

  4. Raghavan says:

    fantastic :) and i liked the concluding part!! its quite obvious buddy.. with any of our buddies whom we feel close, we become unaware of the environment and surrounding.. then how abt mom? definitely not! :)

    I also fall in that category but my mom is working in Girls school :) — but mine is a diff story.. may be i could blog it! :)

  5. Raghavan,
    Girls School :O … I can’t wait for your blog post….lol


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