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Heredity !!

I was reading this poem somewhere, I found it funny….

Heredity And Good-Ole-Dad
~by Jaimie D. Travis
Heredity is very strange
It’s quite a peculiar creature
Attaching itself to you
Determining the look of every feature
The color of your eyes
How long you’ll keep your hair
Or if you must reach for glasses
Which never seem to be there
Will your body be built like a champion
Or will you suffer from defeat
It decides everything about you
From your head down to your feet
I’m sure someone has said
You look just like your father
And five minutes later
You look just like your mother
Maybe you’ve even been told
You look like neither one
You see, it all depends
Which side of the family they are from
But ask me and I’ll say
I’m just like good- ole- dad
I seem to have inherited it all
The good things and the bad

Vinod ChandramouliĀ 


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